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  • LIVINGSTON COLLEGE. From A School History of the Negro Race in America, from 1619 to 1890, with a Short Introduction as to the Origin of the Race; Also a Short Sketch of Liberia.

  • Section of Mill Village, Buffalo, S. C., Showing Street Paving, Drainage, etc. These Houses, Like All Others at Buffalo, Have All Modern Improvements, Sewerage, Porcelain Baths, Enameled Kitchen Sinks and Hot Water Tanks. From Mill News. Vol. XXII, no. 16 (Oct. 14, 1920).

  • VIEW OF CHARLESTON DURING THE WAR. From an Old Print. From A Diary from Dixie, as Written by Mary Boykin Chesnut, Wife of James Chesnut, Jr., United States Senator from South Carolina, 1859-1861, and Afterward an Aide to Jefferson Davis and a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army.

  • View of Part of Village of the Union-Buffalo Mills, Union, S. C. From Mill News. Vol. XXII, no. 16 (Oct. 14, 1920).