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  • No. 75. 600 TAGS. No. 75--ROD AND REEL -- ROD -- Split bamboo, selected; with three pieces and extra tip; 10½-foot bait rod; hexagon in shape; wound with silk; solid metal reel seat; ferrules and reel seat finely nickeled. Cork grasp, reel seat above the hand; standing guides; put up in cambric covered form and silicia bag. REEL--100-yard standard screwed brass reel; extra finish long bearings; brass pivoted double multiplying; raised pillow; with patent adjustable slide drag and sliding click. Nickel plated. Sent by express. No. 74--100 TAGS. No. 74--FISHING OUTFIT--Put up in neat partitioned box, containing furnished silk line on patent "Florence" winder. Also 50-foot trolling line, with spoon bait and two dozen extra assorted hooks and leads. Sent by mail, postpaid. From Valuable Presents Given for Tobacco Tags for the Entire Year of 1902. These are Exact Fac-similes of the Tags Redeemable under Our Offer Fully Explained Inside.