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11 images with subject Military officers--North Carolina--1910-1920.

  • [1. ALEXANDER, R. B., 1st Cl. Private, Coast Artty.; 2. ANDERSON, WALTER K., 1st Cl. Private, 322nd Inf., Hdqrs. Co., 81st Div.; 3. ANDERSON, CHARLES HOLT, 1st Cl. Private, 242nd Co., M. P.; 4. BARBEE, WALTER J., Sergt., Air Service, 483rd Aero Co.; 5. BAREFOOT, JULIUS J., Maj. Med. Corps, Air Service Div. 6. BARNES, ORLANDO M., Mess Sgt. Inf., M. G. Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg. ; 7. BATTING, WILLIAM NATHAN, Private, U. S. Marine Corps, 19th Co., 2nd Div., 6th Reg.; 8. BLAKE, CURTIS E., Water Ten. (Navy), 1st Div.; 9. BROWN, GEO. C., 1st Cl. Private Inf., Co. K, 30th Div., 120th Inf.; 10. BROWN, FELIX EDWARD, 1st Cl. Private, Med. Base Hosp. 65. 11. BYRD, R. B., 1st. Cl. Private, Med. Corps Co., Emb. Hospital; 12. CALLUM, JOHN B., Private, Engrs. Hdqrs. Co., 30th Div., 105th Reg.; 13. CASE, W. B., Pvt. Pioneer Inf., Co. B, 4th Reg.; 14. COBLE, LONNIE B., Sergt. Q. M. C., Train, Corps No. 10.; 15. COLTRANE, VERNON W., 3rd Cl. Q. M. C., U. S. N. R. F. 16. DAVIS, FOSTER C., Bugler, Inf., Mach. Gun Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg.; 17. DICK, ROBT. S., Sergt. Inf., M. G. Co., 81st Div. 322nd Reg.; 18. FESPERMAN, WALTER S., Wagoner, Inf. Sup. Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg.; 19. FLOYD, MARVIN REID, Pvt., Med. Corps, 118th Field Hospital, 30th Div., 105th Reg. San. Tr.; 20. GALLION, GARFIELD FUGENE, Pvt. Inf., Co. M, 30th Div., 119th Reg. 21. GLENN, CHAS. E., Private 1st Cl., F. A., Batt. A, 81st Div., 316th Reg.; 22. GRAVES, HENRY LEWIS, 2nd Lt. Air Service, Pilot 278th Aero Squad.; 23. GRUBBS, THOS. R., Pvt., Med. Corps, Am. 321, 81st Div.; 24. HENDERSON, OTIS H., 2nd Lt., F. A., 38th Tr. Batry.; 25. HODGIN, GEO. R., Fireman 2nd (Navy) 26. HODGIN, CHAS. R., Pvt., Co. 10, 3rd Div., 155th Depot Br.; 27. HUEY, EDWIN CARLTON, Sergt., Q. M. C., Inf., Hdqrs. Co., 30th Div.; 28. JACKSON, JOHN FRANKLIN, Jr., Private, F. A., Batty. 306, 81st Div.; 29. JOHNSON, MARION SIMS, Corpl., Bugler, 120th Inf., Co. M, 30th Div.; 30. KERR, FRED, Private, 120th Inf., Co. M, 30th Div.]| From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [BOND, EDWARD G.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • COLONEL JOHN VANB. METTS. [Frontispiece Image] From History 119th Infantry, 60th Brigade, 30th Division, U.S.A. Operations in Belgium and France, 1917-1919.

  • [HATEM, A. S.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [MALLARD, JOHN BETHEA] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [1. MANNING, FREDERICK CAIN, 2nd Lt. Trench Mortar, 4th Battln.; 2. MARKHAM, JOHN L., Sergt., 137th F. A., Batt. F, 81st Div.; 3. MARKHAM, W. B., Private, 306th Engineers, Co. C, 81st Div.; 4. McKINNON, HAL. A., Private, Baker and Cook School.; 5. McPHAIL, J. D., Corpl. Inf., Co. L, 119th Inf., 30th Div. 6. MELSON, WILLIAM JESSE, Corp. Inf., Co. H, 30th Div., 19th Reg.; 7. MONROE, JNO. W., Private, Inf., Hdqrs. Co., 81st Div., 321st Inf.; 8. MONROE, LAUCHLIN DEATON, Private, Inf. 54th Co.; 9. MONROE, KENNETH, Private, Inf., 54th Co.; 10. MOORE, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Capt. Med. 11. NICKS, JESSE GRAHAM, Private, Co. H, 30th Div., 119th Inf. Reg.; 12. PARISE, FERDINAND, Private, 1st Class, A. E. F., Hdqrs. Co., A. E. F. in Siberia, Russia; 13. PATTERSON, CLAUD FERMAN, Apprentice Seaman, 1st Co., 7th Reg., Blue Jacket Guards.; 14. PATTERSON, FRANK A., Seaman, 2nd Class, U. S. N. R. F.; 15. PIERCE, BONE YWILSON, Private, -st Class, Medical Corps, B. H. 65 16. POSTON, IRA G., Mech., Inf. Replacement, Co. No. 9.; 17. RAWLES, CLIFTON HENRY, Private, Co. F, 30th Div., 120th Reg.; 18. RILEY, ENOCH, Private, 1st Class, Co. H, 30th Div., 120th Reg. Inf.; 19. ROSS, MANGUM L., Private 1st Class, Bathing Unit, 89th Div., Med.; 20. RUSH, BAXTER, Private, Inf., 48th Co. 21. SAYLOR, SIMEON LEE, Cook, 308th Motor Supply Tr., Co. 7, 83rd.; 22. SCARBRO, D. P., Private, Light Atly., Batry. A, 2nd Div., F. A. R. D.; 23. SMITHDEAL, A. FRED, 2nd Lt., Inf., Co. K, 81st Div., 321st Reg.; 24. SNOW, WILLIAM R., Sergt. Art., Baty. B, 81st Div., 317 Reg.; 25. STAFFORD, L. CLEMENT, 1st Lt., Inf., Co. F, 2nd Div., Regulars, 23rd Reg. 26. STOKES, PINKNEY B., Sergt., Ambulance Co., 321st Co., 306th San. Tr., 81st Div.; 27. TALLY, ROBAH G., Sergt. Exp. Mechanic, 1st Corps Atty. Park, Co. 3; 28. THOMPSON, R. T., Seaman, U. S. Navy; of Wake County; 29. THOMPSON, TRAVIS, Private 1st Class, Co. D, 119th Inf., 30th Div.; 30. TURNER, J. ROY, Private, Supply Tr., Co. C, 81st Div., 306th Reg.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [1 HOOKER, GROVER MONROE, Gunner's Mate, 1st Class. 2 OWEN, MARVIN J., Private, 1st Class, Co. C, 28th Div., Reg. 303, Field Artillery. 3 HARRIS, DAVID HAMIT, 1st Class Private, 120th Inf., Co. L, Div. 30th, 3rd Reg. 4 BENNETT, J. P., Private 1st Class, Co. E, 322nd Reg., 81st Div., Inf. 5 CARLTON, WILL C., Corpl., Co. A, 30th Div., 120th Inf. 6 HOOKER, GEORGE R., 1st Class Private, Co. B, 42nd Div., 117th T. H. and M. P. 7 PECK, C. A., Musician, Ammunition Tr., Co. D, 81st Div., Reg. 306 Ammunition Tr. 8 DRUM, WILL, Private, Inf., Co. G., 30th Div., 119th Regt. 9 THRASHER, JOEL W., 1st Class Private, Co. C, Dixie Div., 5th Regt. 10 BURRIS, B. F., Sergt., 10th Co., Air Service, 1st Div., 2nd Regt. 11 SMITH, NESTOR LEE, Private 1st Class, Co. 4, 7th Engineers, 1st Div. 12 PROCTOR, H. G., Private 1st Class, Bathing Unit, 89th Div., Med. 13 CARLTON, JOHN F., Saddler, F. A., Bty. B, 81st Div., 318th Regt. 14 GOINS, CHARLES LEE, Pvt., Co. A, 30th Div., 120th Regt. 15 ROWE, JOHN L., 1st Class Private, Co. A, 30th Div., 120th Inf. 16 DAVIS, HENRY L., Corpl, M. G. Co. No. 16. 17 BROOM, DeWITT, Private, Btry. A, 33rd Div., 124th F. A. 18 SHAW, JAMES, Private, Co. F, 53rd Pioneer Inf. 19 JOHNSON, LAWSON A., Private 1st Class, 1st N. C. Inf., 30th Div. 20 RICKARD, JOHN R., Corpl., Co. G, 30th Div., 119th Inf. 21 PARKER, WILLIAM J., 1st Sergt., Co. A, 120th Inf., 30th Div. 22 MARTIN, CARROL FINLEY, Private 1st Class, 2nd Regt., F. A. R. D., Aty. 23 KELLOUGH, DAVID S., Private 1st Class, Co. F, 303rd Regt., 78th Div., Engineers. 24 JOHNSON, LAWRENCE H., Private, Field Hospital, 30th Div., 105th San. Tr. 25 WATSON, CHARLIE C., 1st Class Private, Co. K, 4th Div., 47th Inf. 26 ELLENBURG, DEWEY, Private 1st Class, Co. G, 30th Div., 120th Regt., Inf. 27 TUCKER, GEORGE E., Private, Co. D, 5th Div., 11th Inf. 28 BRITT, CHARLIE, Private, M. G. Co. A, 30th Div., 115th M. G. Btn. 29 SHORT, GEO. O., Mechanic, Inf. Replacement, Co. No. 9. 30 CULBRETH, DANIEL C., 2nd Lt., Co. L, 30th Div., 120th Inf.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [1. GOOCH, C. E., Private, Med. Dept. Inf., 7th Div., 65th Reg. 2. HERNDON, TROY S., Private, 1st Class, Inf., Co. B, 81st Div., 322nd Reg. 3. HOLMES, ALEXANDER A,, Corporal Inf., Co. F, 30th Div., 120th Reg. 4. PREDDY, L. LEONADUS, Private 1st Class, F. A., Bty. B, 30th Div., 113th Reg. 5. STRATFORD, PARKE C., C. Ph. Mate, U. S. N., Hdqrs. Co., 6th Marines, 2nd Div. 6. WESTER, JOHN LEE, Sergt., Adjt. Gen. Dept. 7. WETHERINGTON, AMOS D., Private, F. A., Bty. A, 30th Div., 113th Reg. B 8. WHELESS, ROBERT LEE, Private 1st Class, Co. G, 318th Reg. 9. WHITESELL, HURLEY E., Private, 17th Oversea Bty., F. A. R. D. 10. WILSON, CLAY M., Private 1st Class, M. G. C., 81st Div., 322nd Reg. 11. WOODARD, PRESTON, Private, Co. D, 119th Inf., 30th Div. 12. WOODLEAF, JOSEPPH B., Private 1st Class, Co. F, 42nd Div., 165th Reg.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [POU, EDWIN SMITH] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [WINSTON, ABRAM RENCHER] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).

  • [WISHART, WILLIAM E.] From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).