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4 images with subject World War, 1914-1918--Trench warfare--France.

  • Entrance to a hidden Concrete Machine Gun Nest on the St. Mihiel front. From History of the 113th Field Artillery 30th Division.

  • Entrance to the great St. Quentin tunnel on the Hindenburg Line. This tunnel runs for several miles underground. It was used as a German dugout to protect thousands of men from artillery fire. Our men of the 30th Division took this tunnel at the point of the bayonet. From North Carolina Day. Friday, November 11, 1921. Armistice Day. North Carolina in the World War.

  • A Regulation German "Pill-Box." This one was captured by the Americans at St. Mihiel before the Boche had been able to complete it and camouflage it. From History of the 113th Field Artillery 30th Division.

  • TANKS IN THE MEUSE-ARGONNE Those rumbling little tanks go wabbling over the shell-torn grounds up to a stone house. You hear a crack, see a puff of smoke, and the stone house begins to crumble. A few more shots, and a few more Huns rush out with hands over their heads, and you can almost hear them yell "Kamerad." The house is down, prisoners captured and the little tanks wabble to the next victim. From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).