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Page 3


        1. The teacher should spell each word distinctly to the class, and all the scholars in succession should repeat the word without looking at the lesson.

        2. In the reading lessons, the teacher should read a single sentence to the class, to be repeated by each scholar in succession, the eyes of all the class being kept on the lesson during the exercise.

        3. After the preceding exercises, the scholar should spell and read each lesson without assistance from the teacher.

        4. The teacher should question the pupils upon the truths contained in each lesson, and this should be done until the teacher is satisfied that the lesson is understood.

        5. This little manual is intended to take the place of primers and spelling books. The "ab" and "eb" system is discarded. The first syllables given are words.

Page 4



a b c d e f
g h i j k l
m n o p q r
s t u v w x
y z &

Page 5

Alphabetical Lesson.

        Intended only to ascertain whether the pupils know all the letters.

Jesus loves men. Be like him. I will.
Prize peace and quiet. Fix your heart on good.

Lesson 1.

Do He It On
so be is up
go me if as
wo we in by
lo us to am

Lesson 2.

        Do so. Do it. Go in. Go on.

        Go up. Go by us. If he be.

        So we go. Am I to go? He is by me.

        If we do so. Wo be to us. Lo! it is up.

Lesson 3.

All See Sin
why let not
God can sins
good bad way

Page 6

Lesson 4.

        All see. She sins. We sin. Why sin.

        Let us not sin. God can see sin.

        Let us not go in the way of sin.

        The way of sin is a bad way.

Lesson 5.

Ann Doll Now
red hat she
her sit yet
not may put

Lesson 6.

        Ann has a new doll.

        She has a red hat.

        Let her sit up now.

        Do not go to bed yet.

        Now you may put your hat on.

Lesson 7.

You Your Lie
tell will act
any man boy
how with see

Lesson 8.

        It is a sin to tell a lie.

        God will see you, if you do a bad act.

        The end of all sin is bad.

        Do no ill to any man.

        Do not go with bad boys or men.

        See how they go in the way of sin.

Page 7

Lesson 9.

Had Pig Pen
did eat was
fat sun set
sky red wet
day cry not

Lesson 10.

        The boy had a pig in his pen.

        He did eat, and he was fat.

        The sun has set. The sky is red.

        Why did that boy cry? He is not wet.

        The day is hot. The sun is up.

        See how the dog can run all the way.

Lesson 11.

Has That Hat
how dog can
run the eye
all ill men
end new cat

Lesson 12.

        The eye of God is on us all the day.

        He can see all that is in me.

        He can see all men do.

        If I do ill, God can see all my sin.

        Let me go in the way of God.

        Let me not go in the way of bad men.

        A bad way has a bad end.

Page 8

Lesson 13.

Hat Put Raw
off saw tall
say die try

Lesson 14.

        She has a new cat, and a new hat.

        The hat was put on the cat.

        The cat run off with the hat.

        A dog saw her as she ran.

        She ran up to a tall man.

        O fie! how can the cat do so

        She is not bad. She can not see.

Lesson 15.

What Are Bid
sad horn sow
give milk good
some them sweet
long calf the

Lesson 13.

        Can you say what day you are to die?

        The bad die and do not go to God.

        I can try to do no ill.

        You can do as you are bid.

        But you may not sin you are bid.

        If a man bid you to lie, you may not.

        See how sad that bad boy is.

        If I die to day may I go to God!

Page 9

Lesson 17.

        Did you see the horn on the cow?

        The cow will give us milk.

        The milk is good for us. Do we love it?

        Give me some. Give them milk.

        Milk is sweet. All milk is not sweet.

        The cow has long horns. What horns!

        The red cow has a calf.

Lesson 18.

Made Land Sea
and moon high
keep dark dry
when work hand
deep will good

Lesson 19.

        God made us. He made all men.

        He made the land and the sea.

        He made the sun and the moon.

        The dry land is the work of his hand.

        The sea is deep. The moon is high.

        God will keep us when it is dark.

Lesson 20.

John Love Play
did lies had
book kept nice
dirt blot no
told girl gave

Page 10

Lesson 21.

        John did love to play. He was good.

        He did not tell lies. He did as he was bid.

        He had a book. He kept it nice.

        There was no dirt on it. It had no blot.

        He kept his book. Will you do so?

        The book told of a good boy and a good girl.

        The good boy gave his book to the good girl.

Lesson 22.

There But One
wise him my
child come to
me why not
kind glad when

Lesson 23.

        There is but one God. He is good and wise.

        He will love you! Will you love him?

        He says, "My child, come to me."

        Will you go? Why not? He is so kind.

        He sees you in the dark. He will keep you.

        When you are good, God is glad.

Lesson 24.

At Look Eyes
her blue they
as are what
does man face
clear thank oh

Page 11

Lesson 25.

        Look at her eyes. They are so blue.

        They are blue as the sky. They are not dark.

        Are you not glad that you can see?

        There is a boy who can not see.

        When the sun is up, it is still dark to him.

        He never saw a face, nor man, nor sky.

        Oh! thank God for your clear eyes.

Lesson 26.

Can Tell Best
word true tells
will must read
with care show
keep God's what

Lesson 27.

        Can you tell me what is the best book?

        It is the Word of God. God's Word is true.

        It tells me all God's will. It makes me wise.

        I must read it with care.

        I will try to do all God bids me to do.

        Lord! show me how to keep Thy words!

Lesson 28.

Boy's Two Hands
would no own
bend arms cut
off shot gun
war thing sad

Page 12

Lesson 29.

        Look at that boy's two hands.

        What would I do if I had no hand?

        How glad I am that I can bend my arm!

        That man's arm has been cut off.

        It was shot off by a gun.

        Oh! what a sad thing war is!

Lesson 30.

Day Holy Sing
play read week
pray rest sweet
Sab bath must week's

Lesson 31.

        I must keep the Lord's day holy.

        The Sabbath is the Lord's day.

        In it I must do no work.

        I must not play on the Sabbath.

        I may sing, and pray, and read His word.

        How sweet to rest after the week's work.

Lesson 32.

Have Bird Sing
ear birds singing
ears deaf child
near mother children
voice mother's thank

Page 13

Lesson 33.

        I have two ears, and can hear.

        The birds sing. They are singing.

        Some children cannot hear. They are deaf.

        A deaf child does not hear.

        He cannot hear his mother's sweet voice.

        Lord! I thank Thee that I can hear.

Lesson 34.

Them Set Obey
father die ever
food love his
clothes shall then
take their does

Lesson 35.

        I must obey them that are set over me.

        You must obey your father and mother.

        They love you and give you food and clothes.

        A bad boy does not obey his father.

        Good girls love to obey their mothers.

        If my father and mother die, what shall I do?

        Then the Lord will take me up.

Lesson 36.

There Many Tree
wood they trees
woods grow large
plums nut green
small nuts great
leaves oak pop-lar
pears oaks a-like

Page 14

Lesson 37.

        There are many trees in the woods.

        They are not all alike. They all grow.

        Some are small and some are large.

        How green the leaves are! What a great oak!

        What a tall poplar! Do you love plums?

        Give me some pears and some nuts.

Lesson 38.

Curse Swear Takes
name vain say
keep mouth says
keeps pure let

Lesson 39.

        It is a sin to curse and swear.

        You must not take God's name in vain.

        Do not go with boys who say bad words.

        God hears every word which I say.

        You must keep your mouth from sin.

        Let all your words be good and pure and sweet.

Lesson 40.

One Five Nine
two six ten
three seven e-lev-en
four eight twelve

Page 15

Lesson 41.

Horse Hog Lion
horses hogs lions
dog cow pony
dogs cows ponies
goat bird squirrel
goats birds squirrels
bear fly mouse
bears flies mice

Lesson 42.

        One horse. Two dogs. A cat. Three goats.

        That bear. Four lions. The pig. Five hog

        This cow. Six calves. These mules.

        Your bird. Seven frogs. Her pony.

        Eight rats. My rabbit. Nine flies.

        Our squirrel. Ten mice. Their chickens.

        Eleven snakes. His hen. Twelve spiders.

Lesson 43.

Son Christ Able
save Jesus heaven
died judge again
of Lord when
meet make take

Lesson 44.

        Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

        He is able to save us from our sins.

        He died to save all men.

        He is now in heaven, but will come again.

        Then He will judge all men.

        O Lord make me fit to meet Thee!

        When I die, take me up to Thee!

Page 16

Lesson 45.

        Jesus went to the city of Nain, and many went with him. When He came nigh to the gate of the city, He met some men, who had with them the dead body of one who was an only son, and they went to bury it.

        The mother of this dead son was a widow. Do you know what a widow is? It is a woman whose husband is dead.

        She was left alone with this son, and when you hear what the Lord did for him you will think that he had been a good child.

        How much a mother must miss a good son who has been kind to her!

        Now she who went with the dead body of her only son was very sad. And the Lord saw her, and felt much for her, and said unto her, Weep not.

        He came to the bed on which the dead man lay and put his hand on it, and said to the dead body, I say unto thee, Rise!

        Then he that was dead came to life, and sat up, and did talk to his mother, and made her glad who had wept so much. And she took her dear, her only son, with joy to her home.

        Jesus shall bid us all rise and live at the last day. O may we then meet with joy, and be for ever with the Lord.

Lesson 46.

        When you read in the Word of God of servants you may know that they were slaves, owned by their masters.

Page 17

        It is not a sin to own slaves. It is right. God wills that some men should be slaves, and some masters.

        It is a sin to treat a servant ill. He is a man, and Christ died for him. It is not best to set him free, but to keep him and be kind to him.

        A rich man, who was a great man, went to Jesus Christ, to ask him to cure his slave who was very dear to him. When a master and his servant are both good, they love each other.

        The rich man was not proud, but felt how good Christ was. And he said, If Jesus only say the word, and do not even come near my poor slave, yet he will get well.

        And Jesus said the word, and made him well.--And the master and the servant were very glad that Christ was so kind to them.

        O pray to-Jesus, both when you are well and when you are ill; and be kind to them that are in want and wo.

Lesson 47.

        Two men sat by the side of the way to beg, for they were not able to see how to work. And they were told that Jesus was nigh; and they said, O Lord, have pity on us!

        And the men who were nigh told them not to cry out so. But they did cry out so much the more, Have pity on us, O Lord!

        And Jesus did stop, and call them to come to him; and they went near to him. And he said, What do you wish me to do? And they said, Lord, open our eyes.

Page 18

        So he had pity on them, and did open the eyes of the two poor men. And they were very glad to look on Jesus Christ who made them to see.

        O Lord, open the eyes of my mind, and make me know and love thy Son Jesus.

Lesson 48.

        When even was come, the men who had been with Christ left him on the land, and went upon the sea in a ship.

        And it was very dark. And the sea rose, and the wind blew very much.

        And they all saw Jesus walk on the sea, and come near the ship. And they had much fear.

        And he said to them, Fear not, it is I. And Peter said Lord, if it be thou, bid me come to thee on the sea. And he said, Come.

        And Peter went down out of the ship to go to Jesus.--And when he saw the sea rise, and felt the wind, he had much fear. And this made him sink: and he said, Lord, save me!

        And Jesus put out his hand, and took hold of him, and kept him safe. Then Jesus went up into the ship, and they were all very glad to see him.

        Let each one also pray, Lord, save me! For none but Jesus can save and keep my soul.

Lesson 49.

        There was a good woman, named Hannah, who took her son Samuel, when he was a little boy, to Eli the high-priest, She said, I prayed that the Lord would give me a child, and he gave me this my son. Now I bring him to thee, that all his life he may belong to the Lord.

Page 19

        Eli took the child to dwell with him, and to serve the Lord in the temple.

        One night, when Samuel had lain down to sleep, the Lord called him; and he awoke and ran to Eli, and said, Here am I, for thou calledst me. And Eli said, I called not; lie down again. And he went, and lay down.

        The Lord called him once more. Then Samuel went to Eli, and said, Here am I, for thou didst call me. And Eli sent him to lie down again.

        The Lord called him the third time. And Eli knew that the Lord had called Samuel. Then Eli said to him, Go, lie down again; and if he call thee, thou shalt say, Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth.

        So Samuel went and lay down in his place. And the Lord called, as before, Samuel, Samuel! Then he said, Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth.

        Then the Lord spake, and told Samuel, that the sons of Eli were wicked. And that though their father knew this he did not reprove and correct them as he ought. And because of this, the Lord said that he would punish both Eli and his sons.

        Samuel laid himself down again until the morning. Then he got up to open the doors of the Lord's house. And he was afraid to tell Eli what he had heard.

        But Eli wished very much to know what the Lord had said. And he called Samuel to him saying, Tell me what the Lord hath said unto thee. I pray thee hide it not from me. And Samuel told him all, and did nothing from him. And Eli said, It is the Lord; let him do what seemeth good unto him.

        Not long after this, the two sons of Eli were slain in battle, and the ark of God was taken. When Eli heard of it, he fell back from his seat, and died.

        The wicked cannot escape. God will surely punish those who sin against him. Let me fear, lest I offend God by my sins.

Page 20

        And the child Samuel grew, and was in favor both with the Lord, and also with men And the Lord was with him, and he became a great prophet.

        Samuel, when he was a child, waited on the Lord. We cannot begin too soon to love and serve God.

        Those who fear God early, will grow up to be wise and useful.

Lesson 50.

        I must not speak evil of the rulers of my land.

        Learn all the good you can from all men.

        Youth is the time to sow seed which will spring up and bring forth good fruit when I am old.

        The love of money is the root of all evil.

        It is good to bear the yoke in my youth.

        Take care of your books. Do not soil them. Do not tear them. Do not turn down the edge of the leaf.

Lesson 51.

        Be wise as serpents harmless as doves.

        Happy is that people whose God is the Lord.

        Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us.

        The Son of man came to give his life a ransom for many.

Lesson 52.

        Man is of few days, and full of trouble:

        He cometh forth like a flower and is out down;

        He fleeth also as a shadow.

        We all do fade as a leaf.

        All we, like sheep have gone astray:

        We have turned, every one to his own way.

        While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Page 21


Lesson 53.

        The prophet Isaiah foretold about Jesus Christ and said: He shall feed His flock like a shepherd; He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom.

        When Jesus Christ was upon earth, young children were brought to Him that He should put His hands on them and bless them.

        Some that were with Him, who did not know how kind and loving Jesus was, did rebuke those who brought them. And they wished to send the children away from Him.

        When Jesus saw how unkind they were, He was angry with them. And He said, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God. Truly I-say unto you, he that shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall not enter therein.

        Then Jesus kindly called the dear little children unto him, and took them up in his arms, and put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

        How very kind Jesus Christ was to those little ones!--And He is as kind now. Though I cannot see Him, yet He sees me.

        Let me go and pray to Him, Lord Jesus! who didst bless little children upon earth, receive me as one of Thy dear children, and bless me now Thou art in heaven.

Lesson 54.

        Search the Scriptures.

        Having food and raiment, let us be therewith content.

        Cast all your care upon God, for he careth for you.

        Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.

        Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

        We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ.

Page 22

Lesson 55.

        God sent his Son to take away our sins.

        Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us.

        If God so loved us, we ought also to love each other.

        Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life:

        No man cometh to the Father but by me.

        Be not unwise, but learn what the will of the Lord is.

Lesson 56.

        God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved,

        The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.

        If any man be in Christ he is a new creature.

        Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

Lesson 57.

        Jesus said, Hearken! Behold a sower went forth to sow seed. And some fell by the wayside; and the fowls came and ate it up.

        And some fell on stony places, where it had not much earth, and it sprang up quickly. But when the sun was up, it was scorched. And because it had no root, it soon died away.

        And some fell among thorns; and they sprang up and choked it, and it yielded no fruit.

        And other fell on good ground; and it sprang up, and grew, and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some a hundred-fold.

        When Jesus had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

        Some that were with him asked him to explain what he had said. And Jesus said, The seed is the word of God.

Page 23

        These are they who receive the seed by the way-side.--When they hear the word, and mind it not, Satan cometh and taketh it away, lest they should believe and be saved.

        These are they who receive the seed on stony ground.--When they hear the word they receive it with gladness.--But they have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time. And when any trial comes, for the word's sake, they soon fall away.

        These are they who receive the seed among thorns.--When they have heard, they go forth: and the cares, riches, and pleasures of this life, choke the word; so that it cannot bring forth good fruit.

        These are they who receive the seed into good ground.--They hear the word, attend to its meaning, and keep it in an honest and good heart. So they bring forth good fruit; some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundred-fold.

        May the word of God drop like good seed into my youthful heart. Let me not be a careless hearer, but a constant doer of his word. May the word of Christ dwell in me richly, in all wisdom. May I believe, obey, and be saved!

Lesson 58.

        Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them them that tresspass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever and ever. AMEN.

Page 24

Lesson 59.


                         Now I lay me down to sleep,
                         I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
                         If I should die before I wake,
                         I pray the Lord my soul to take;
                         And this I ask for Jesus' sake! AMEN.


                         Now I wake and see the light;
                         For God hath kept me through the night.
                         To him I lift my heart and pray
                         That He will keep me through the day,
                         And guide me in His own right way. AMEN.


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