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House, No. 21.
Joint Resolutions Expressing Opinion of Congress
in Relation to the Conduct of Certain Citizens of Louisiana
within the Lines, and in the Presence of the Enemy:

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Confederate States of America. Congress.
House of Representatives

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Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998

LC Subject Headings:

Page 1

[HOUSE, No. 21.]

        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.--January 13, 1863. Read first and second times, and ordered to be printed.



Expressing opinion of Congress in relation to the conduct of certain
citizens of Louisiana within the lines, and in the presence of the

        1 Resolved, That while Congress views, with pride, the course
2 pursued by the true men and women of the Confederacy, who,
3 falling within the lines of the enemy, have resisted all appeals
4 to their pecuniary interest and refused, in spite of pains and
5 penalties, to perjure themselves or to foreswear their own government
6 by taking an oath of allegiance to support that of the
7 United States, it regards with peculiar satisfaction the conduct
8 of those citizens of Louisiana, who, by refusing the oath and
9 openly registering themselves enemies to the United States in
10 the immediate presence and in defiance of General Butler's military

Page 2

11 authorities, have borne most noble testimony to the
12 martyr-like courage and patriotic spirit and Christian faith of
13 our people.

        1 Resolved, That while such conduct has secured them the present
2 respect and sympathy of all good people, it will be esteemed,
3 in the future, a most honorable claim upon the gratitude of their
4 country, and the highest evidence of their devotion to truth and
5 principle.