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oral histories of the American South

The "Oral Histories of the American South" podcast is a collection of noteworthy excerpts that have been selected for inclusion from the more than 500 full-text interviews available through this project. To subscribe to the podcast, please click on the following link.

Oral Histories of the American South Podcast

In delivering these excerpts via the podcast, our goal was to expose the content of this project to a wider audience. The interview excerpts were selected for inclusion in the podcast based on several criteria. We have selected interview excerpts that will be of interest not only to the experienced researcher, but to the general interest user as well. We discovered that the audio quality played a greater role in our selection of excerpts than it did in our selection of full interviews. Since the audio clips are being delivered independently of the corresponding texts, the quality of the audio must be strong enough so that the audio alone can become the vehicle of transmission for the rich content we are presenting here.

If you come across any particularly noteworthy segments while reading and/or listening to the full-length interviews, please feel free to share your findings with us.