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Liberian Exodus Association (Charleston, S. C.)
The Liberian Exodus. First Voyage of the Azor. Liberia a Delightful Country. Climate, Soil and Productions. Character of the People in Liberia; and How They Live. Full Information of the Exodus Movement.
Charleston, S. C.: W. J. Oliver's Print, 1878.


This pamphlet was published in 1878 by the South Carolina-based Liberian Exodus Association in an effort to encourage black Americans to immigrate to Liberia, Africa. Composed partially of selective excerpts from reporter A. B. Williams' letters to the Charleston News and Courier, the circular describes the country of Liberia in glowing terms. Liberia's pleasant climate, the abundance of produce there, and the good character of its people are all praised. Potential immigrants are cautioned, however, that that they will need to work hard in order to succeed in Liberia; the wealthier planters of that country are depicted as examples of what one can achieve there. The pamphlet ends with letters from Liberians welcoming new immigrants and testimonials from Liberian settlers to their families back home.

For an interesting comparison to this pamphlet, see A. B. Williams' "The Liberian Exodus. An Account of the Voyage of the First Emigrants in the Bark "Azor," and Their Reception at Monrovia, with a Description of Liberia--Its Customs and Civilization, Romances and Prospects." This pamphlet contains Williams' letters to the News and Courier in their entirety, and provides a more realistic view of the challenges faced by African American settlers in Liberia.

Courtney Vien

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