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John Jamison Moore, 1818-1893
History of the A. M. E. Zion Church in America. Founded in 1796, in the City of New York
York, Pa.: Teachers' Journal Office, 1884.


John Jamison Moore (1818-1883) was a bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (A.M.E.Z.) Church in America. He was also known as one of the most active and successful circuit riders in his denomination. Moore's History of the A.M.E. Zion Church in America provides a comprehensive ecclesiastical history directed to both A.M.E.Z. Church members and outsiders. Moore approaches the writing of this work as a sacred task that will ensure the place of his denomination within the broader span of Christian history.

Moore traces the history of the A.M.E.Z. Church from its beginnings in 1796 to its full separation from the white Methodist Episcopal (M.E.) Church in 1821, and up to its current activities in 1884. Differences between the A.M.E.Z. Church and the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church and the debate over unifying the two denominations are highlighted. History of the AME Zion Church in America is especially significant as a documentary history. Moore reprints documents relevant to every stage of the Church's development--from the original articles of incorporation, to the minutes of contemporary Church conferences. The book also includes a chapter of biographical sketches of A.M.E.Z. bishops and an appendix of denominational statistics. Researchers will come away with a detailed understanding of A.M.E.Z. Church organization, and the political and theological issues that were important to its leaders.

Maryellen Davis

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