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Henry McNeal Turner, 1834-1915
African Letters
Nashville: Publishing House A. M. E. Church Sunday School Union, 1893.


African Letters is an account of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner's first trip to Africa in 1893. Before arriving on the African continent, Turner visits the islands of Madeira, Teneriffe, and Great Canary Island. He describes in detail the people, culture, and religious life of each. Next, Turner recounts his warm welcome at the A.M.E. church in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He writes of the good character and industriousness of the people. Finally, Bishop Turner travels to Liberia, and makes plans for continuing missions there. He expresses high hopes for the nation of Liberia and for the progress of his race, both in Africa and in America.

Aside from providing an interesting account of international travel at the end of the nineteenth century, African Letters is a useful resource for those interested in the history of A.M.E. missions.

Courtney Vien

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