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A. W. Wayman (Alexander Walker), 1821-1895
My Recollections of African M. E. Ministers, or Forty Years' Experience in the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Philadelphia: A. M. E. Book Rooms, 1881.


In My Recollections of African M. E. Ministers, Rev. Alexander Wayman details his forty years in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church. Over the course of his career, Wayman traveled the country, preaching, attending conferences, and dedicating new churches. In My Recollections, he describes not only the growth of the A.M.E. Church, but also many interesting incidents in his life. He recalls attending the inauguration of President Ulysses S. Grant; witnessing the installment of the first black U. S. Senator, H. R. Revels; and preaching at a camp meeting in Delaware despite having threats made on his life because of his race. Wayman also relates his experience of events of historical interest, particularly the Civil War, Emancipation, the entrance of the first black troops into the Union Army, and the assassination of President Lincoln

Courtney Vien

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