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A. W. Wayman (Alexander Walker), 1821-1895
Cyclopaedia of African Methodism
Baltimore: Methodist Episcopal Book Depository, 1882.


Alexander Walker Wayman (1821-1895) was the seventh bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church. In 1860 he served as editor of the new Discipline, the church's book of laws. His Cyclopædia of African Methodism includes entries for over 1000 significant people and places within the denomination. Wayman's brief preface and introduction emphasize his dedication to documenting the history of the A.M.E. Church for the educational benefit of members and non-members alike. The encyclopedia begins with biographical sketches of the bishops of the A.M.E. Church, organized chronologically. The remaining entries are organized alphabetically. The entries often include quotes from or anecdotes about the people they describe. Researchers of A.M.E. Church history may find references to members' missionary activities and slave roots especially interesting.

Maryellen Davis

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