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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Colleton to George Monck, Duke of Albemarle
Colleton, John, Sir
June 10, 1663
Volume 01, Pages 34-35

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. 17. No. 39.]

May it please your Grace,

There are divers people that desire to settle and plant in His Maj. Province of Carolina under the patent granted to your Grace and others but that there is another like to that Province started by one Mr Mariot, steward to the Duke of Norfolk grounded on a patent granted in the yeare 1629 now above thirty fowre years to Sir Robert Heath and by him assigned to the Ancestors of the now Duke of Norfolk wch patent relates to certaine Articles to bee performed on the part of Sir Robert Heath, the patent is recorded but the Articles appeere not in the records but the said Mr Mariot (who lives in Chancery Lane at the next door to the Harrowe) pretends he has the patent and articles which being in force and not declined or made voide will certainely hinder that publique worke which is intended by the settlement and planting of Carolina, for the persons that at present designe thither expect liberty of conscience and without that will not goe, wch by the patent to Sr Robert Heath cannot bee granted them and they cannot settle under the patent least the

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other gentlemen shall give them trouble or disturbance So that there is a necessity of the present removall of that obstacle which is humblie left to the considerac̄on of yor Grace and the other noble persons concern'd

Yor Grace's most humble servant

Cockpitt 10 Junii 1663.