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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposal by Thomas Modyford and Peter Colleton concerning the settlement of Carolina by inhabitants of Barbados
Modyford, Thomas; Colleton, Peter, Sir
August 12, 1663
Volume 01, Pages 39-42

[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. p. 10.]

Severall gentlemen and persons of good quality in this Island being very sensible of the great loss and sad disappoyntment that might redownd to the English nation in Generall as well as to many particular persons yt ingaiged and intended to ingaige in the settlement of an Engligh plantation in that goodly land of Florida by the eivill report bruited thereof, by those sent from new England to setle at Cape Faire contrary to what Mr William Hinton and the rest with him sent to discover that coast did and doe affirme thereof, and having greate confidence in the said

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Hinton's fidellity and honest indeavowrs therein, have out of an earnest desire and confident persuasion of a happy settlement for our English nation in those parts, now againe hired and sent the above said Mr Hinton with his ship adventure and twenty two men well fitted and vietualled for 7. months for discovery of that coast southwards from Cape Faire as far as 31. degrees north latitude: in which design of discovery there are and will be above 2 hundred gentlemen and amongst them many persons of good quallity in this Island, whoe are and wilbe at a considerable charge therein.

The said Adventures doe earnestly with all Humillity desire and request that those Noble undertakers whoe have lately obtayned a charter of the Province of Carrolina from his Royall Majtie wilbe pleased with as much convenient speede as may be to send them an examplification of there said Charter under the broade seale of England fully recited; and togeather therewith and by vertew of the said charter to impower and authorize the aforesaid Adventurers or such of them as the said Grantees shall judge fitt to nominate togeather with the rest of there Assotiates and freinds, them there heires and assignes to take up and purchase of the natives such certine tract or tracts of Lands as they and such as they shall send theither to setle may or shall finde fitt for the accommodation of themselves and of there freinds there, in the forme and manner of a County or Corporation, not exceeding or about the quantity of thirty or thirty two myles square, or one thousand square myles which they desire may be called the Corporation of the Barbados Adventures, and that the said tract or tracts of land, County or Corporation, they desire may be granted and confirmed to them and there Assotiates, and to theire heires and assignes for eaver, in full, free and ample manner and with the same power, priviledges, jurisdictions and Immunityes as the aforesaid Province is granted to them by his Majestie. And if any more or other rents, acknowledgements or services be or shalbe desired, expected or required then the proportion of what is by them the said pattentes or first undertakers to be paid and allowed to his Majestie it may be by them assertined and expresly set downe in there said Graunte to these said Barbados Adventures, before they shalbe at further Cost, Charge or troble to setle it which they desire to know as soon as may be for that heare are many hundreds of noble famillyes and well experienced planters that are willing and ready to remove spedily theither to begin a setlement as aforesaid and to beare the brunt thereof, if they shall receave such incorragement as is expected as aforesaid from soe noble and worthy undertakers as we do understand are concerned as principalls in said Charter which

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priviledges and incorragements they are the rather boald to expect Adventures not onely for there vigorous and ready appearing to promote the further discovery and hopeful setlement there of at such a time as this, when soe greate a cloude of obscurity was cast upon it but alsoe from the aptness of the people heare and persons heare ingaged to further such a work as well for there experienced planters as for the number of there Negros and other servants fitt for such labor as wilbe there required, and doe alsoe find the less cause to doubt of the desired trust to be reposed in them, in regard many of there number consists of persons of good quallity fitt to manage the Government of soe considerable a corporation, whoe with there friends and associates doe desire to expect to have the sole power of electing all delligates, Governors and officers, and making Lawes, and goverening amongst themselves according to the tenor and Priviledges of the said Graunte or charter from his Majestie, which if granted soe, as to incorrage such a free and noble setlement as they beleive and hope is aymed at; will much promote the good and seedy setlement of many other very considerable corporations within the Territory and Dominions of the aforesaid Province.

That alsoe desire that a Proclamation may be procured from the Kinge directed to all Governors in these his Majestie's plantations, requiring them not to hinder any free and uningaiged persons from going theither to setle upon any frivilus pretences whatsoever: but rather to further the good and speedy settlement thereof that possible may be in order whereunto; and that those noble persons to whom the Charter is graunted may the better know whome to appoynt and nominate as Prime Adventurers and undertakers of the before mentioned corporation, the said Adventurers doe intend by the next to send a list of such persons names as have already subscribed and of the committee by them choasen to manage affaires heare for this yeare and untill some shalbe sent theither to performe the same upon the place unless the said undertakers in England shall please to leave in blancke the place for the said Committee; to put in such persons names as they shall judge most fitt and find willing to goe speedily theither to begin the said settlement there.


We humbly advize you will be pleased to appoynt some persons with your Instructions to treate with them on there proposealls, and wee conceave to bringe them to accept of by Lawes onely in steede of Generall Laws, which they desire to have power to make it being fitt the whole Country should make the Generall Lawes and that the Governors they meane to choose should bee only such as in the Citty of Exon

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vizt: Mayors, Aldermen, Sherifes, Cunstables, and the like, this wee conceave may sattisfie them, otherwayse they wilbe disturbed in Government which may cause

Your humble servants