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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from George Monck, Duke of Albemarle to Thomas Modyford and Peter Colleton
Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670; Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
August 30, 1663
Volume 01, Pages 46-47

[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. P. 8.]

Cockepit this 30th August 1663.


Wee finde by a letter from Mr Richard Eivans Mr John Vassall and others as alsoe by another from you Coll: Modyford that severall people of Barbados have inclynations to setle and plant in some parte of the province of Carrolina, whome we desire by all wayse and meanes to incorrage, and that it may appeare soe, have inclosed sent you a declaration and proposealls under the hands of all those concerned that are in towne and those that are not have consented to it: which paper we desire you to communicate to all people that are disposed that way and to give what coppyes you please to such as shall desire them and to send others to the Barmothos New England and where elce you think fitt useing your Interest for the propogation of this plantation and assureing the people that what we propose shalbe performed: in which we resolve to be puntuall and circumspect, we are informed that some ill willers to the setlement upon Charles river neare Cape Faire, have contrived the disorder that hapned to those that lately went theither before the ships went from New England and that they went not into the branch of the river in that Hilton was in, but by mistake went into another besides they tooke not the proper time of the yeare, for worke; soe that wee hope that

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that miscarrage will not discorrage your people; we conceave it wilbe advantageous to the Kinge, his people, and more particularly to your Ilanders to goe on with the setlement where the ayre as we are informed wondrous healthy and temperate, the land proper to bare such commodyties as are not yet produced in the other plantations and such as the nation spend in greate quantities as wine, oyle, currants, reasons, silks &c by means whereof the money of the nation that goes out for these things wilbe Keept in the Kinges Dominions and the planting part of the people imploy there time in planting those comodyties that will not injure nor overthrow the other plantations which may very well happen, if there be a very great increase of sugar workes and more Tobacco, Ginger, Cotton, and indicoe made then the world will vent these reasons we conceave will convince the most concerned in your Islands to promote this worke, the proposealls sent are but heads; we conceaving that such as shall undertake, will expect a more formall and large assurance from us according to there owne Methhood; which we shall willingly give when they desire the same, some people heare propose that we should make choyce of a Governor without there presenting; if your people desire the like it shall be done, more freedome then this we may not give; but if any have any other way to propose that is not loss to us then this, we may consent to it. Wee have written to my Lord Willoby to countenance at least not to discountenance your proceedings herein, the business is the Kings and nations service more then our owne, the promotion whereof by you is desired & not all doubted by