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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from George Monck, Duke of Albemarle to Francis Lord Willoughby
Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670
August 31, 1663
Volume 01, Pages 47-48

[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 2. P. 9.]

Cockpit the 31 of August. 1663.

My Lord,

I presume you are not a stranger to his Majestie's Graunte of the Province of Carrolina to my Lord Chancellors myselfe and others, which we have undertaken to serve him and his people, and not our private Interest there are some persons of your Island of Barbadoes that have by there letters to me set forth there desires of beginning of or contributeing to a setlement in those parts which I conceave will prove rather advantagious than otherwayes to those under your Government for that setlement

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will devirt many people that designe to plant from planting there commodyties which your plantation abounds in (of which greater quantities being made, will sincke the maker) and put them upon such as your lands will not I conceave produce, and as the Kinge hath not yet within his Terrytories in quantity, although his people consume much of them to the exhausting the wealth of the kingdome, the commodyties I meane are wine, oyle, reasons, currants, rice, silke &c; which commodyties will be of good use and advantagious to your parts, as well as Corne meale flower beefe and poorke; which that Country as I am well informed from persons that have planted in some parts thereof will in short time abound in: for which reasons and being well assured that you in all your actions ayme at the publicke good, I desire that your Lord will not hinder but incorrage this setlement by which I am sure you will not only doe his Majestie good service but much oblige

Your Lordship's Humble servant

My Lord Chancellor is gon to Cornebey whoe would I believe have joyned with me in this desire if he had beene in Towne; I have written my Couzen Modyford and Couzen Peter Colleton to promote Carrolina Plantation. I pray countenance them in it.