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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration to encourage settlement in Carolina by inhabitants of Barbados
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
Volume 01, Pages 57-59

[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. P. 12.]

That we are well pleased to find soe many publick spirrits in the Barbadoes as there seemes to be concerned in the Intended discovery of fitt places to plant betweene Cape Faire and the northine lattitude of 31. degrees, and cannot but commend there soe doeing although we ourselves had, before we did know anything of that there Intentions; given order for a vessell to be sent from Virginia to discover from Cape Hatteras to Cape Floryda all the parts and places fit for the reception of such of his Majestie's subjects as shall desire to plant in those parts.

As to your desires we replye.

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That a trew Coppy of our Charter hath beene sent to the Barbados by Mr Tho: Colleton whoe wilbe ready to produce and give Coppyes of the same, and if an exemplyfycation thereof under the broade seale shall notwithstanding be desired by you, we shall upon notice thereof be ready to send the same.

To the 2d demand we answer that we have sent to Coll: Tho: Modyford and Peter Colleton a declaration and proposealls under severall of our hands of which all doe approve, and doe herewith send a Dupplycate in which is set forth the Meth-hood which we resolve to proceed in for the choyce of Governors, the way of Government, setlement and graunting of land in those parts; from the substance whereof wee shall not receade: which way of Government and of chooseing the Governor and Councell we hold to be better for the people in Generall then the Corporation way that you demand, in which the members choasen to manage the Government doe continew for there lives, and are not to be removed but by there owne fellowes or the Major parte of them, whoe may be apter to wincke at the misdemeanors of there fellow Governors then the people that are to be governed by them will: in whose power it wilbe, wee meane the peoples, at the end of every 3 yeares, to leave out such as have misbehaved themselves: in there election of those that are to be presented to the Lords Propryetors for a new choyse of a Governor and Councill notwithstanding our declaration; if it shalbe desired that more than 6 be of the Councill then may the undertakers propose duble the number they would have, and wee shall choose the Moyty of them; To the 3d demand wee consent that the Governor and Counsell shalbe amply and fully impowred from us to graunte such proportions of land to all that shall come to plant in quantity and according to the Meth-hood and under that acknowledgement & noe more, as in our declarations and proposealls is set forth for which they may contract and compound with the Indians; if they see fitt: and if any shall desire a confirmation from us, we shalbe ready to give it: in as ample manner as they or there Councill at Law shall contrive, and likewayse we shall impower the Governor and Councill choasen as aforesaid to make choyce of all Officers as well Millitary and Civill, the Secrytary and Surveyor, onely excepted and arme them with all powers as farr as our Charter will extend, for the well governing of the Collony or place.

We shall likewayse indeavowr to procure his Majestie's Letters to the Governors of the Barbados and Carribbia Islands; Virginia, New England and Barmothos requiring them not to hinder any free and uningaiged persons from going to Carrolina to setle upon any frivolos pretences

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whatsoever but rather to further the good and speedy settlement thereof: we have given power and direction to Coll: Tho: Modyford and Mr Peter Colleton to treate and agree with you concerneing the promises, not receading from the substance of our Declaration whose agreement we shall ratifie so rest

Your loveing friends.