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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Land patent granted by William Berkeley to George Catchmany
Berkeley, William, Sir, 1605-1677; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685
September 25, 1663
Volume 01, Pages 66-67

To all to whom these presents shall come I Sr William Berkeley Knight Governor and Capt Generall of Virginia, send greeting in our Lord god everlasting, whereas by Instructions from the Kings most Excellent Majesty directed to mee and the Counsell of State, his Majestie was Gratiously pleased, to Authorize mee the sd Governor and Councell to grant Pattents, and to Assigne such proportion of Land to all Adventurers and plantors as have been usuall Heretofore In like Cases Either for Adventurers of money or Transportation of People Into this Collony, according to a Charter of orders ffrom the late Treasurer and Company, and that the same proportion of fifty Acres of Land be granted and Assigned for Every person transported hither since Midsummer 1625, and that the same Course be Continued to all Adventurers and plantrs untill It shall be otherwise determined by his Majesty, Now Know ye that I ye sd Sr William Berkley Knt Governor &c: doe wth the Councell of State, Accordingly give and grant, unto George Catchmeyd of Treslick Gentt ffifteen hundred Acres of Land Lying In A bay of ye River Carrolina begining at the mouth of swamp wch parts his Land from Capt Jenkins Land, and soe up the River of Carrolina to a small Creek, and up the said Creek ffrom the River of Carrolina north and be west 320 poles then East and be north 750 poles towards the head of the said swamp by ye River of pequimmin, and soe downe the said swamp by Capt Jenkins Land to the first Station, the said Land being due unto ye sd George Catchmeyd by and for the Transportation of thirty Persons Into this

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Collony whose names are all one the Records mentioned under this Pattent, To have and to hold the sd Land with all his due shares of all mines and mineralls therein Contained, with all Rights and priviledges of hunting hawking fishing and fowling, with all Woods and waters and Rivers, with all profits Comodities and hereditaments whatsoever belonging to the said Land, To him the said George Catchmeyd his heirs and assignes for ever, In as free and ample mannor to all Intents and Purposes, as is Expressed in a Charter of orders, from the late Treasurer and Company Dated 18th November 1618 or by Consequence may be Justly Collected out of ye same, or out of the Letters Pattents whereon they are Grounded to be held of our Sovereigne Lord the King his heirs and successors, ffor every fifty acres for ever as of his mannor of East Greenwich In free and Common Soccage, and not In Capite nor by Knt Service, yielding and Paying to our Sovereign Lord ye King his heirs and successors, for every ffifty Acres of Land hereby Granted yearly at the feast of St Michaell the Archangell, the ffee Rent of one shilling, which payment is to be made yearly from yeare to yeare ffrom ye first Entry of ye survey and Rights In the Secretaries office bareing date with these presents according To his Majesties Instructions of ye 12th of Septembr 1662 provided that If the said George Catchmeyd Gentt his his heirs or assignes doe not seate or plant, or Cause to be seated or planted upon ye said Land, within three years next Insuing, then It shall be Lawful for any Adventurer or Plantor to make Choyce and seat thereupon, Given at James Citty under my hand and seale of ye Collony this 25th of Septr 1663 and In the fifteenth yeare of ye Reigne of our Sovereign Lord King Charles ye Second &c: