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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of England concerning tobacco and other agricultural products in the Southern Colonies
England. Privy Council
November 25, 1664
Volume 01, Pages 73-75

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. 18. P. 148.]

The 25th of November 1664
The Kings Most Excellent Majesty.
The Arch Bish : of Canterb:
Lord Treasurer.
Earl of Bathe.
Earl of Lauderdail.
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Lord Privy Seale.
Duke of Buckingham.
Duke of Ormond.
Lord Great Chamberlain.
Earl of Berkshire.
Earl of Anglesey.
Lord Bish : of London.
Lord Wentworth.
Lord Berkley.
Lord Ashley.
Mr Secretary Bennet.
Sr Edward Nicholas.

Whereas a Petition was presented to his Majesty by Colonell Moryson Agent for the Colony of Virginia in the Name of the governor., Councell. and Burgesses there giving an Account of their proceedings upon his Maties Instructions for Commissioners to be nominated for the Plantac̄ons of Virginia, and Maryland to meet, and hear of the most convenient way of lessening the Quantity of Tobacco in those Plantac̄ons which being read at the board it was ordered the 10th of August last that ye Lord. Baltemore, Lord, and Proprietary of Maryland, should have a Copy of the said petic̄on, and both Partyes he heard. at the Board the first Councell day after Michaelmas, and accordinly upon the 5th of October the said busines was resumed, and after hearing the debates on both sides their Lops did then order that the Lord Baltemore, Colonel Moryson, Sr Henry Chicheley Knight, Edward Digg's, and John Jeffreys Esqrs, and others concerned in the Colony of Virginia Should meet to consider of, and frame an Agreement between themselves, and that if they could not joyntly agree thereupon then each party to draw up distinct Proposalls, and deliver them to the Board, that the Lords Committees of Plantac̄ons might be desired to meet, and consider thereof, and Report their opinions to his Majesty whereupon no Agreement being Settled between them, the said Colonell Moryson, Sr Henry Chicheley, Edward Digg's, and John Jeffreys did upon the 16th present deliver in Proposalls which they conceived conducible to the good of Virginia, and the Lords Committees taking the same into serious Considerac̄on on the 19th Instant, and having fully heard the Lord Baltemore, and Sr Henry Chicheley, Colonell Moryson, Mr Diggs, and Mr Jeffreys, touching the said Proposalls, and Consulted with the Farmers of his Maties Customs thereupon their Lodps thought fitt humbly to represent to his Majesty.

1. First, That the Proposall touching a Cessation, stint or limitation of planting Tobacco in the said Plantac̄ons is incovenient both to the Planters and to his Maties Customes.

2. That the Proposall for limiting a time for Ships to return from Virginia or Maryland will be prejudicial both to ye Planters and his Maties Customes.

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3. For incouragement of Planters in the said Colonies to apply themselves to the Planting other Comodities which may be of more benefit than Tobacco, his Maty would be pleased to permit that all the Hemp, Pitch and Tarr of the growth, Production or manufacture of Virginia and Maryland, which should be brought into this Kingdome, for the space of 5 years from the date hereof might be Custome ffree.

Which report being read at the Board his Maty present in Councill, and concurring in all particulars with ye Lords of the said Committee did order that there should be noe cessac̄on, stint, or limitation imposed on the planting tobacco in Virginia, or Maryland, nor any time limited for ships to come from either of those Plantac̄ons, but every trader thither to be ffree to return thence at his own time, and as his occasions should serve, and his Maty of his Princely grace and favour being desirous to give all encouragement to the Planters of both Colonies, did direct that the Right Honble the Earl of Southampton Lord High Treasurer of England, and Lord Ashley Chancellor, and under Treasurer of the Exchequer, should give directions to the officers, and ffarmers of his Majesties Customes for ye time being to permitt, and suffer all the hemp, Pitch and Tarr, of the growth, production and Manufacture of the said Plantac̄ons of Virginia and Maryland, that shall be brought into the Kingdome during the space of five years from the date hereof to be freely imported, and unladed without demanding or receiveing any Custome, or Imposition for the same. Provided that Care be taken by his Maties officers that under pretence hereof his Majesty be not defrauded of his Dues and Customes, on any Pitch, Hemp or Tarr, which is not of the growth, Production, or Manufacture of these Plantac̄ons.