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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to William Drummond
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
January 07, 1665
Volume 01, Page 93

[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. P. 22.]

Mr. Drummond.


Out last unto you was by Mr Peeter Carteret accompaning your Comission and Instructions for the Government of the County of Albemarle in which we confined the County to 40. myles square or 40. square myles, in which there was a mistake for it should have been 1600 square myles instead of 40. of which you are to take notice and to bound the County accordingly and if it be not enough to comprehend all the plantations already under that Government give us notice of the deft, and on what points of the Compas those plantations lye, that are without the bounds (from the entrance of the mayne River) and we cann soone enlarge your bounds; and shall if there be reason for it, wee rest

Your very loving frinds.

January 7th 1664-65.