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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to John Yeamans concerning the settlement of Carolina by inhabitants of Barbados
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
Volume 01, Pages 95-97

-------------------- page 95 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 30. P. 19.]

Edward Earle of Clarendon Lord High Chancellor of England, George Duke of Albemarle &c; The trew and absolute Lords Propryators of all the Province of Carolina.

To our trusty and well beloved Sir John Yeamans Barronet Governor of our County of Clarendon neare Cape Faire and of all that tract of ground which lyeth southerly as farr as the river St Mathias which bordereth upon the Coast of Florida within 31. degrees northerne lattitude and soe west as farr as the South Seas as alsoe of all Islands and Islets, Rivers and Seas within the said bounds and our said Province of Carolina, And to our trusty and well beloved our Councellors and assistants to our said Governor, Greeting;

Bee it knowne unto all men that we the said Lords and absolute propryators of the said County and tract of ground within the province aforesaid for divers good causes and considerations but more especially out of the trust and confidence reposed by us in you our said Governor and Councellors for the faithfull management of the powers and authorityes by us to you given to the best avayle and improvement of our Interest and Dominion in the said County of Clarendon, and all the tract of ground aforesaid; within our said Province and for the best avayle and improvement of the Interest, Liberty, propryetey and defence of all such as shall plant and inhabit there Land given, graunted and by these presents doe give and graunt (during our pleasure) unto you our said Governor by and with the advice and consent of our Councell or any 3. or more of the 6. or 4. or more of a greater number full and absolute power and authority for us and in our Names to lett sell convey and assure such lands in our said County and tract of ground aforesaid to such person and persons and for such estate and estates, and with such provisoes conditions and limitations as we by our concessions and agreement under our greate seale bareing date with thes presents to and with the adventurers of the Island of Barbados and there Assotiates of England Newengland the Carribbia Islands and Barmothos are obliged to graunt, and as you shalbe directed by such other instructions and Rules as from time to time you shall receave from us and not otherwayes, thereby rattyfying and confirming whatsoever you shall Lawfully doe pursuant to the Concessions and Agreement and to such instructions rules and directions as aforesaid; as alsoe to make doe performe and execute all and singuler

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act and acts thing and things powers and authorityes whatsoever, which we ourselves may can might or could doe in for concerning or relateing unto the Government both civill and millitary of the said County and tract of ground aforesaid by virtue of the Letters pattents of his most excellent Majtie Charles the Second by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland France and Ireland defender of the faith beareing date at Westminster the twenty fourth of March in the 15 yeare of his Reigne to be exercised neavertheless according to such Instructions or with such Limitations restrictions conditions and provisoes as in these presents are hereafter conteyned, hereby rattyfying confirmeing and allowing all and eavery such act and acts thing and things which our said Governor and our said Councellors in our names shall doe in the premises pursuant to the authority hereby comitted, Provided and it is hereby declared that this present deede or any thing therein conteyned, doth not extend nor shall it be deemed or taken to extend to give up to our said Governor or our said Councellors or either or any of them any power or authority to make any maner of graunt conveyance demise or other like disposition of any lands lyeing within or being parte of the said County and tract of ground aforesaid, but according to our Concessions and Instructions and reserveing for every acre English measure which by virtue of this authority we shall graunt to any person or persons one halfe penny of Lawfull money of England yearely rent to be paid to us our heirs or Assignes on every 25 day of March according to the English accompt the first payment whereof to begin on the 25 day of March which shalbe according to the English accompt in the yeare of our Lord God 1670 provided alsoe that noe order or Lawes made or to be made by virtue of this our Authority shalbe in force as Lawes for any longer tearme then one yeare and a halfe within one yeare of which time they shalbe transmitted and presented to us for our assent which being given they shalbe in continewall force till expired by there owne limitation or by act repealed to be confirmed as aforesaid Provided alsoe that the executive parte of all the said powers hereby given shalbe made and exercised by you our said Governor by or with the advice and consent of the Major parte of our Councell, and if it shall happen that our said Governor or any of our said Councell shall departe or be absent any time from our said County and tract of ground aforesaid unless other provision be by us made that then it shall and may be Lawfull to and for our said Governor and Councell or the Major parte of them resident in our said County and tract of ground aforesaid to nominate elect and appoint any such able person or persons as in there Discretion to them
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shall seeme most fitt to serve in and supply the place of such of the said persons respectively during there absence from our said County and tract of ground aforesaid Giveing and granting unto him or them soe chosen during the absence of our saaid Governor or Councellors as full large and ample powers as we by these presents to our said Governor or Councillors have given any thing in this present Comission in any wise to the contrary notwithstanding And also in case of death of any Governor or death or removall of any member of our said Councell from time to time to nominate and elect fitt and able persons in there steads or places respectively which persons so nominated and choasen shall exercise all powers to there said offices respectively belonging till our pleasure be signified to the Contrary.