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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Commission to appoint Henry Willoughby, William Willoughby, and John Yeamans as Governors of Barbados
Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685
August 1665
Volume 01, Page 116

-------------------- page 116 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. 19. No. 101.]

Charles &ca.

To Our Trusty & Wellbeloved Henry Willoughby, William Willoughby Esqrs & to Sir John Yeamans Bart, Greeting

Whereas wee were graciously pleased by Our Letters Patents & com̄ission under our Great Seale of England beareing date the 12th day of June in the 15th yeare of our Reigne to constitute and appoint our right Trusty and welbeloved Francis Lord Willoughby of Parham our Captaine Generall and Commander in chiefe in & over all & every our Islands Colonyes & Plantations in America commonly called the Barbadoes & the rest of the Carribbee Islands and of all other our Islands Colonyes & Plantations lying between the degrees of Ten & Twenty North latitude & extending from the islands of St. John and Porto rico easterly to three hundred twenty & seaven degrees with severall powers priviledges authorityes & preheminencies therein specified & contained to have hold exercise and enjoy to him the said Lord Willoughby from the feast of the birth of our Lord then last past for and dureing the space of seaven yeares next ensuing to be fully completed if the said Lord Willoughby should soe long live. Now know yee That Wee reposing especiall trust and confidence in the fidelity, courage prudence and good conduct of you the said Henry Willoughby Sr John Yeamans and . . . . have constituted & appointed & by these presents doe constitute & appoint you the said Henry Willoughby Sir John Yeamans and . . . . and in the absence of you the said Henry Willoughby then you the said William Willoughby and you the said Sir John Yeamans & . . . . our Governor in chiefe in and over all our Islands Colonyes & Plantac̄ons aforesaid in the absence of him the said Lord Willoughby and noe longer with all and singular the powers authorityes priviledges & preheminencies by our said letters patents and Commission to the said Lord Willoughby granted or intended to be granted in as full and ample manner to all intents & purposes as he the said Lord Willoughby did or ought to have hold exercise & enjoy the same to have hold exercise & enjoy to them the said Henry Willoughby William Willoughby & Sir John Yeamans in manner & forme aforesaid for & dureing Our pleasure. Given &ca.