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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Vassall to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
Vassall, Henry
August 15, 1666
Volume 01, Pages 144-145

[B. P. R. O. Shaftesbury Papers. Bdle. 48. No. 6.]

Right Honble

It is now a considerable time since I had the the honeer to treate with a Committe of your Lordsps chosen from among yorselves conserning the setling of a Colony at Cape Feare, and although there was no absolute accord and fineall agremt yet severall consessions were then offered by the sd Committee, and by me dispatched to the Barbados to the Adventurers there who did intrust me, who imediately retorned aswer that they would accept them and accordingly gave me power to conclude with your Honers. But in the Interim comes one Mr now Sir Jno Yeamens and by his sonne offers other and contrary Articles to wt the Adventurers did desire and made such spetious pretences that your Honers made an absolute agreemt with him and refused to confirme those concessions formerly offered me, though I then foresaw and also tould your Honrs there was no likelihood he should performe his covenant notwithstanding he had entred into a penall bond of 1000£ to accomplish it. Now may it please

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your Honrs it is so fallenout as I foretould that no matereall part of the sd covenant is performed but on the contrary the Adventures and present planters highly dissatisfied that they should not have those concessions at least which were tendred and upon which they went, confirmed unto them they thought those concessions hard enough, but those other Intolerable, Wherefore what I humbly request is that I may have the Honr of one speedy Conference more with as many of you Lordsps as may be. that I may put a fineall end to my negotiation and I cannot but hope for a good one since I am resolved to propound nothing but what shall be as well for your Honrs Interest as that of the Colony The reason why I humbly desire this meeting may be so speedy, is, because many in England New England Barbados yea and those that are actually uppon the place do wait for the Isue of this my last address which if good I do promise with Gods leave, and your Honrs favour to set fourth a good ship with men and provisions imediately for Cape Feare and and also manefest to your Honre the likelyhood of severall other ships to follow in the Spring but it is high time that those that go this yeare shall be making ready: if the success of this my last addresse shold be unsuccessfull (which God forbid) all those that have entrusted me though they may have begun a plantation and some are actually uppon the place, have advised me that they will draw of and quite giver over the designe. And then it will be seen whether they be the Major pte yea or no: But I feare not but if I have but time and opportunity I shall manefest the Necessity of graunting those things I shall humbly offer in order to the estableshing a Colony that may thrive and prosper under your Honrs governm̄t which that it may do under your Honr and your successor from Generation to Generation is the prayer of

Rt Honble
Yor Honrs faithfull and most obedient
HEN: VASSALL sole agent
for the Adventurers and planters
of Cape Feare

Aug 15th 1666.