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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Agreement between Maryland and Virginia concerning the cessation of tobacco planting in Maryland, Virginia, and Albemarle County
Maryland; Virginia
December 11, 1666
Volume 01, Pages 152-153

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. 20. NO. 195.]

Further Articles of agreemt had made concluded and agreed on at St Maries in Maryland between us ye Subscribed Comrs for Virga and Maryland sufficiently impowred to Treat and conclude of a totall cessation of Planting setting or soweing any Tobacco in each Colony as also in Albemarle County in Carolina as followeth.

Vizt Whereas there was an agreemt made and concluded on between the Comrs of Virga Maryland & Albemarle County in Carolina bearing date the twelfth of July one thousand six hundred sixty six at James Citty grounded upon the severall and respective Acts of Assembly for a cessation by wch it was assented to and concluded on that there should be a Totall cessation from Sowing, setting, Planting or any waies tending any Tobacco in any or any part of the three colonies aforesd from the first of February one thousand six hundred sixty six untill the first of February one thousand six hundred sixty seaven. Provided Wm Drum̄ond Esqr Govr of Albemarle County in Carolina and the Assembly of that Province did make the like Act in yt Colony. And the same should transmitt to ye Govrs of Virginia and Maryland by the last of September then next to ensue as by the said Articles, (Relac̄on being thereto had) more fully may appear. And whereas the sd. Wm Drummond Esqr and the Assembly of Albemarle County aforesaid did make an Act prohibiting the sowing setting, planting or any waies tending any Tobacco from the said first of February one thousand six hundred sixty six, to ye first of February, one thousand six hundred sixty seven. But the said Act so made could not Transmitt to the sd Govrs of Virginia and Maryland

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before the fifth of October last past by reason of an Invac̄on of their neighbouring Indians by which laps of a few daies occationed by the sd Invac̄on, Wee doe not judge either the severall and respective Acts of Assembly or ye said Acts to be fallen or voyd the sd Articles of Treaty of ye 12th July aforesaid grounded upon. Wherefore to ye intent the good of the severall Collonies expected from a Cessac̄on, may not be stifled in its birth, wee ye Comrs of Virga and Maryland doe declare that no advantage is or ought to be taken up on ye lapse of those few daies menc̄oned being noe essential part of the said Agreement and doe hereby accordingly ratifie and confirme ye same according to the true intent and meaning thereof, fully relying upon the said late Act of Assembly of Albemarle County in Carolina for the performance & the Execuc̄on of ye sd cessac̄on in time and manner as is expressed in ye same. And wee do further hereby agree & conclude yt there shall issue out a Proclamac̄on from each of the respective Govrs requireing and commanding an exact Obedience to ye sd severall acts of Assembly made in ye sd severall colonies of Virga Maryland and Albemarle County and likewise the said Articles of Agreemt under ye penalties of Fine Imprisonmt, & cutt up ye Tobacco planted, sett, sowne &c: To be inflicted upon all or any person or persons offending against ye sd Act or any of them in their respective Governmts and that authentique coppies of ye sd Proclamac̄ons to be published as aforesaid be (so soone as possible) transmitted from each respective Govr to both the other Govrs to the intent that all interests may be satisfied in the severall proceedings in the performance of the said Articles. In witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and seales, the day and year first above written

ROBT: SLYE (seal)
THO: NOTLEY. (seal)
ROBT: SMITH (seal)
Ri: BENNET (seal)