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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Commission to appoint Samuel Stephens as Governor of Albemarle County
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
October 1667
Volume 01, Page 162

-------------------- page 162 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. P. 23.]

George Duke of Albemarle Master of his Majesties Horse, Edward Earle of Clarendon, William Earle of Craven, John Lord Berkeley, Anthony Lord Ashley Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Carteret Vice Chamberline of his Majesties Household, Sir William Berkeley Knight and Sir P. Colleton Bart: The trew and absolute Lords Propryators of all the Province of Carolina

To our trusty and welbeloved Samuell Stephens Esqre Greeting;

Wee doe hereby constitute and appoint you during our pleasure Governor of our County of Albemarle, as also of all Isles, Islets, Rivers and Seas within the bounds of the said County togeather with the Isles and Islets within tenn leagues thereof, with Power to nominate appoint and take to you 12. able men at most 6 at least to be of your Councell or assistance, or any eaven number between 6. and 12. unless we have before made choyce of or shall choose all or any of them. And we doe further constitute and appoint you to be our Commander in Cheife, during our pleasure of all our forces raised and to be raised, within our said County Isles and Islets aforesaid for the security of the same, and the parts adjacent within our said Province, over which forces you are to place Officers and to cause them to be duely exercised in armes, and to doe all and every other thing and things, which unto the Charge of a Commander in Cheife of an Army belongeth or hath accustomed to belong. Commanding all inferiour Officers and souldiers of our said forces, you to obey as their Commander in Cheife, according to this our Comission, and the powers thereby given unto you; and according to the Lawes and discipline of Warr; and you yourselfe alsoe are to observe and follow such orders and directions, as from time to time you shall receive from us, and in all things to govern yourselfe as unto your duty and place of Governor of our said County and Comander in Cheife of our forces there doth belonge. Given under our Greate seale of our said Province this        day of October 1667.