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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Florence O'Sullivan to Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury
O'Sullivan, Florence
September 10, 1670
Volume 01, Pages 206-208

[B. P. R. O. Shaftesbury Papers. Bdle 48. NO. 34.]

Right Honoble

I writt a particuler Account of all things to yor lordsp by the Carolina by the way of Virginie I am doubtfull whether or noe they are come to yor hands, for feare of wch I have now made bold to trouble yor honob wth these lynes yt you may understand in wt condic̄on we are in

The cuntry proves good beyond expectac̄on aboundin in all things, as good Oake Ash Deare turkies partridges rabbitts turtle and fish, the land produceth anything that is putt into itt, for we have tryed itt wth Corne Cotton and tobacco and other provisions wch proves very well the lateness of the season considered, the Cuntry is stored wth severall pleasant fruits, as peaches strawberryes and other sorts, wee are setled att Haaway nere 20 leagues to the Norward of port Royall itt not prouveinge Accordinge

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to report, we build our towne upon a pointe of land called Albemarle pointe seated upon the River yt leades in from the sea called by us Ashley River where we are afortifieing ourselves. I have made generall discoveries into the Cuntry and find itt very good and many pleasant Rivers. I cannot give a better Caracter of itt then itt deserves. We humbly thanke yor honors yr care in orderinge us provissions att virginie the shipp returned to us in good tyme for all our provissions was gone soe yt wee were forst to live upon the Indeans who are very kinde to us, we hope yor honor will continew yor care over us till we are in a condic̄on to helpe ourselves, our ship is now up on her departure for Barbadoes, from whence we expect more people and fresh supplies. Wee expect from yor honors a shipp from England wth more people, you wold doe well to grant free passage to passengers for some small tyme for many would be willing to come yt are not able to pay their passage, pray send us a minister quallified according to the Church of England and an able Councellor to end controversies amongst us, and putt us into the right way of the management of yor Coll—— we hope now the worst is past if you please to stand by us you please to send yor instructions that the land may be laid out to the people as itt lyes yt the badd and good may goe together and by yt meanes the people will not inhabit att a distance and itt will prove more benficiall to yor honors

In my last I informed yor honor yt the sloope we took wth us from Barbadoes looseing us att sea fell into one of the spannish beys called Sancta Katherina where the master and mate Mr Rivers wth severall others goeinge ashore was taken by the Spanyards and sent prisoners to St Augustens where they still remane and wold have intercepted the sloope but she escaped, we sent letters one to the Fryer where they were taken the other to the Governor of St Augustens to demand them but they denied us and gott two more of our men they offered them noe Injurie but intended to wood and water and soe depart pray yor honor to take some care for the reliefe our men.

I question not but that you are senceable that John Yeomans left us att Barmudoes where we tooke one Coll sayle for our Governr I procured ther 20£ Creditt in provissions which assisted the people very much, I made bold to charge itt upon yr honor to be paid to Cap: Jo: Dorrall there or his Order I am sorry to give yr lordsp an Acount of the loss of the port Royall upon the Bohama Islands all being lost but the

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master and two or three more soe beggin yor honors Excuse I humbly desire yor Answer wch will be very Acceptable to

Yor faithfull servant

Albemarle point
Sep: ye 10. 1670.


10 Sept. 70