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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury to John Yeamans
Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of, 1621-1683
December 15, 1671
Volume 01, Page 210

[B. P. R. O. Shaftesbury Papers. Section IX. Bdle 48. No. 55. P. 100.]

Exter House 15 Dec 71


I hope err this you have received ye Commission wee sent you to bee Governor by ye way of Bermudos & that you will in pursuance of our Constituc̄ons & Instrucc̄ons endeavour to accomodate things there to ye advantage & settlement of ye Plantac̄on, one maine point whereof is ye setling downe togeather in Townes. We have in favor of ye first Planters altered our minde about yee Port Towne on ye River Ashley as you will finde by our generall letter * * * I looke upon you as my friend & therefore expect you should beare plaine dealing from me in private wch is this that though wee had resolved to make you Governor yett you were making yr selfe by ye people a little too quicke I begge that you would trust me when I assure you yt a man of yr abilitys doth not need nor will finde any other way successfull but yt direct one of serving us & endeavouring ye good of ye Plantac̄on

I am glad to heare soe many considerable men come from ye Barbados for wee finde by deare experience yt noe other are able to make a Plantac̄on but such as are in condition to stock & furnish themselves ye rest serve only to fill up numbers & live upon us & therefor now we have a competent number untill we are better stocked with provisions I am not very fond of more company unless they be substantiall men. * * *

I am Sr Your very humble Servt

15 Dec. 71.