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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Privy Council of England
England. Privy Council
March 12, 1675
Volume 01, Pages 222-224

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. Vol. 97. P. 7.]

At the Court of Whitehall the 12th of March 1674-5.
Lord Keeper
Earl of Bridgwater
Earl of Craven
Earl of Carbry
Lord Mainard
Lord Berkeley.
Mr Secretary Williamson.
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The Right Honourable the Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England this day acquainted the Board of His Majesty's Command, that His Majesty having been pleased to disolve and extinguish his late Councill of Trade and Forreign Plantations whereby all matters under their cognizance are left loose and at large, had thought fit to commit what was under their inspection and Mannagement to the Committee of this Board appointed for matters relating to Trade and His Forreign Plantations viz. The Lord Chancellor, the Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy Seale, Duke of Lauderdale, Duke of Ormond, Marquis of Worcester, Earle of Ossory, Lord Chamberlain, Earle of Bridgwater, Earle of Essex, Earle of Carlile, Earle of Craven, Viscount Fauconbery, Viscount Halifax, Lord Berkeley, Lord Holles, Mr Vicechamberlain, Mr Secretary Coventry, Mr Secretary Williamson, Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Chancellor of the Dutchy, and Mr Speaker, and did particularly order that the Lord Privy Seale, the Earle of Bridgwater, Earle of Carlisle, Earle of Craven, Viscount Fauconbery, Viscount Halifax, Lord Berkeley, Mr Vicechamberlain, and Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer should have the immediate care and Intendency of those Affaires in regard they had been formerly conversant and acquainted therewith and therefore that any five of the last named Lords should be a quorum of the said Committee, and that their Lordships meet constantly at least once a weeke, and make report to His Majesty in Council of their Results & Proceedings from time to time and that they have power to send for all Bookes, Papers and other writings concerning any of his Majesty's said Plantations in whosesover custody they shall bee informed the same doe remayne, and his Lordship further signified his Majesty's Pleasure, that Sir Robert Southwell doe constantly attend the said committee.


In pursuance whereof their Lordships on the 11th of August 1675 signed a circular letter to the Governors of his Majesty's Plantations viz.


After our very hearty commendations to you His Majesty having in his wisdome thought fit to supercede the Commission by which His Councill of Trade and Plantations lately acted, and thereby restoring all the business of that nature to its accustomed Channel of a Com̄ittee of His Privy Council. And His Majesty having more especially committed to a select number of the Boord, whereof Wee are, the care and management of things relating to His Plantations. Wee have therefore thought

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it convenient to give you advertisement thereof, and as wee are by His Majesty's command possest of all the Books and papers of proceedings of the said Council, so that wee may bee able to carry on our observations, and Knowledge of what concerns (that Island or Plantation) and bee still in a capacity to give His Majesty an Account of the same. Wee shall expect from you a clear and full accompt in writing of the Estate and condition in which you found and entred upon (that Island or Plantation) as to the description of the Country and Commodities thereof, the Laws and Rules of Government. The Officers civill and ecclesiasticall and Military. His Majesty's Revenue, the effective force of His Majesty's pay, the number of Planters and People, and how many of them are men able to bare arms, the way of trade carryed on both outward and inward and in the Country. The condition of the neighboring Countries and Places and upon what Terms you live with each other, And generally of all things which you in your discretion whom his Majesty hath trusted with a place of that importance shall judge necessary for our full information. And alsoe Wee pray and require of you to transmit unto us a Journal of all things which have passed since your arrivall there, and from tyme to tyme of what shall occurre for the future in relation to and upon the distinct heads aforesaid. And soe not doubting of your care to advise us in all things that may conduce to His Majesty's service and our better discharge of the Trust reposed in us, wee bid you very heartily farewell

Your very loving Friends.

From the Court
at Whitehall the 11th day
of August 1675.