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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Description of the governments and religions in American colonies
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Volume 01, Pages 224-226

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. Vol. 97. P. 1.]

His Majesty's Forreign Plantations in America are govern'd either by Proprietors, Corporations, Companies or by Governours immediately appointed by His Majesty.

The Plantations governed by Proprietors are

New Yorke belonging to His Royal Highness

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New Jersey belonging to Sir George Cartwright and others.

Maryland belonging to the Lord Baltimore.

Carolina under which is also comprehended the Lucaii and Bahama Islands belonging to the Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Shaftesbury and other Lords and Gentlemen.

The Corporations contained within the bounds of New England are

The Colony of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations.

The Colony of Conecticut

The Colony of New Plimouth

The Colony of the Massachusets Bay under which is at present comprehended

The Province of Maine and New Hampshire, and other small Colonies adjoining the first claimed by Mr Gorges, the latter by Mr Mason.

The Plantations governed by Companies residing in England, are

The Colonies and Factories setled in Prince Rupert's Land and Hudsons Bay.

The Bermudos otherwise called the Summer Islands.

The Plantations governed by His Majesty's immediate Commissions, are

Virginia and the Province of Accomack

The Island of Jamaica

The Charibee Islands divided into two parts viz

The Windward and Leeward Islands

The Windward Islands are

Barbados and other uninhabited Islands.

The Leeward Islands, are,

St Christophers




Auguilla and other uninhabited Islands.

There is besides a Colony of English, setled upon the eastern coast of Newfoundland without Government Eclesiastical or Civill, who live by catching fish. All these Plantations are governed either by the Laws of England, or by Municipal Laws, not repugnant to those of England.

The Trade of the Plantations is, by several Acts of Parliament, confined to England; whereby no sugar, tobaco, Cotton-wool, indico, Ginger, Fustick or other dying-wood of the growth or manufacture of the Plantations may be transported from thence to any other place than

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England, nor any European Commodities be carried thither but what shall be shipped in England.

The Religion of the church of England is most practised in the Plantations; but liberty of conscience is in all places allowed, except in New England, where the government and discipline of Congregational Churches exclude all others.