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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to the Albemarle County General Assembly
Colleton, Peter, Sir; Albemarle, Christopher Monck, Duke of, 1653-1688
October 21, 1676
Volume 01, Pages 228-230

[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. P. 111.]

October 21st 1676.


Wee have received your two Letters the one of the 17th November 1675 the other of the 28th March last per hands of Mr Thomas Miller; and doe in the first place assure you; that wee neither have nor ever will parte with the County of Albemarle to any person whatsoever But will alwayse maintaine our province of Carolina entire as itt is. The Reasons that induce us to this resolution are such that wee mayntaine and preserve you in the English Rights and Liberties and in the next place your scituation beinge contiguous to Virginia is of great importance to us for the well plantinge of the rest of our province which wee expected should have had longe since a better progress with you; and that the Rivers of Phampleco and Newse should should have bin before this welplanted and a way and Intercource by Land should have bine discovered between you and our Plantation on Ashley River, and the neglect of these two has bine the Cause that heitherto wee have had noe more Reguard for you as lookinge upon you as a people that neither understood your own nor regarded our Interests. But some of us discourseinge with Mr Eastchurch your speaker, who is now come over to us and Mr Miller that Brought your letters they have fully sattisfied us that the fault was not in you but in those persons into whose hands wee had committed the Government and that severall of you that had made attempts and undertakings for the discovery of a way by land to the plantation on Ashley River as alsoe to plant more southward upon those rivers of Pamphleco Newse were with great Violence and Injustice deprived of any power to proceed any further in such worthy undertakeings and some of you that were planted on the South side of Albemarle River were commanded back to your great prejudice and inconvenience.

Wee doe alsoe further acquainte you that wee are very well pleased and sattisfied with your proceedure with Lieutenant Colonel Jenkins and your Order and settlement of the Councell and Government untill you heard further from us who observe to our great sattisfaction that in all your

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proceedings you maintaine the due Respect to us and regard to faire Justice among yourselves, But wee must blame you and utterly disallow and disapprove of your sending Mr Thomas Miller or any person whatsoever to be tried in Verginia or on of your owne Precincts which is a prejudice to the power and authority wee derive from his Majestie's Grant But however for what is past wee cannot reflect on you when wee consider the conjunction of time and the apprehensions you had of Sir Wm Berkeley's being sole Proprietor, and upon this occation wee thinke fitt to mind you that wee utterly dislike tryinge and condemninge any person either in Criminall or Civill causes without a Jury and that noe evidence clandestinely taken can bee of any validdity otherwise then to cause the Criminall person to be secured where the crime is of a great nature.

Wee must further acquainte you that wee have given Instructions to our Governor and Committee that they earnestly press and recomend to you the Settinge the South side of the river of Albemarle and that as much as may be in Townes, it being a frontier settlement which if itt be made stronge and as itt ought will be a Security to you from the Incurtions of the Indians and wee have alsoe given them further Instructions that they cause three Townes to be settled which shall bee the porte Towns of your County of Albemarle which places are the first Roanoke Island which wee would have the Cheife towne and the place where the Councell assemble should meete the 2nd Towne should bee placed on the west side of the Little Rivers mouth the 3rd Towne to bee upon the neck of land betweene Salmon Creeke and Morratocke River, these three Townes to bee the onely places where the Shipps shall lade and unlaid and to have all other priviledges which are necessary for the supporte of them, and upon which we have ordered the Government and Councell to advise with the assembly of the County more particularly that such priviledges as may be to advance the makinge of those places considerable Townes and are proper for a Grant from us may be granted by us and such things and priviledges as are more proper for an act of the assembly may by us and the assembly bee enacted, for wee must assure you that it is your and our Concerne very much to have some very good Towns in your Plantations for other wise you will not longe continue civillized or ever bee considerable or secure, there being no place in the world either of there without them.

Wee are lastly to acquaint you that wee finding Mr Eastchurch your Speaker to be a gentleman of a very good family and as he seems to us a very discreet and worthy man and very much concerned for your prosperity and wellfaire and by the oppertunity of his being here well instructed

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in our desires concerning these particulars wee have mentioned to you on these Considerations wee have chosen and authorized him to bee our Governor over that part of our province which you calld Albemarle and wee have appointed severall other Gentlemen for our deputies and you the assembly are to choose as many in number as our deputies shall be to make upp the Great Councell.

Mr Thomas Miller has delivered in a paper of Complaints to us containing great oppressions and Injuryes done which wee have thought most proper to referr to the Councell and assembly upon the place and earnestly desire you will cause such justice to be done him as his cause shall require, and that you will sertifie us what proceedings you shall make in it if it shall bee soe desired.

Wee rest
Your most assured friends
By Mr Thomas Miller
To the Present Government
and Assembly of the County
of Albemarle.