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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of England concerning the arrest of John Culpeper
England. Privy Council
December 19, 1679
Volume 01, Page 255

-------------------- page 255 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

The Kings most Excellent Maty in Council

Whereas it appears by the affidavit of Thomas Miller that the petr being by Com̄ission from the Commissioners of his Majties Customs appointed Collector of His Matys Customs in Albemarle in Carolina, hee had gotten into his custody sundry specialties and other effects of Tobacco received to the quantity of 8 or 900 Hogsheads together with sundry other European Goods seized as illegally imported to the value of 1200£ sterl but that the premises were snatched out of the petrs hands in a Rebellion contrivet carryed on and headed by Richard Forster John Culpeper and several others and that the said John Culpeper assuming the title of Collector of his Matys Customs took the same into his custody & embezzled great part thereof if not the whole and suffered vessells illegally to trade and that the said John Culpeper being since come into England is now upon his return back unto some of his Matys Plantations in America It was thereupon Ordered by the Lords of his Matys most honble Privy Council that the Commisrs for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of England doe forthwith give directions to the Commander in cheife of his Matys ships in the Downs forthwith to cause strict search to to bee made on board all shipps as well Men of Warr as others bound to Virginia or elsewhere for ye person of the said John Culpeper and him to seize and send up in safe custody hither to answer to the abovementioned crimes & offences And it was further Ordered that the Lords Commissrs of his Matys Treasury do forthwith give directions to the Commissrs of his Matys Customs to give orders to the severall officers in the Western Ports from whence any ships are bound to Virginia or other his Matys American Plantations, strictly to search the said ships or such as by accident may put in there for the said person of John Culpeper and him to seize and send him up in safe custody hither to answer to the abovementioned crimes and effects.


Copie of an Order for seizing Mr Culpeper