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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Act of the Virginia General Assembly concerning the importation of tobacco
Virginia. General Assembly.
April 25, 1679
Volume 01, Pages 261-262

[Hening's Virginia Statutes at Large, Vol. 2, P. 445.]

For as much as the importation of tobaccoes into this colony from Carolina and other parts without the capes, hath been found very prejudiciall to this country and the inhabitants thereof, and for prevention of like mischiefe and inconveniency for the future, Be it enacted by the governour, councell and burgesses of this present grand assembly, and the authority thereof, and it is hereby enacted, that from and after the tenth

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day of October next, after this present session, noe tobaccoes packed in casque or otherwayes shalbe brought from without the capes of Virginia into this colony, either in boate, sloope, shipp or other vessell whatsoever, to be landed on shoare, sold or shipt of in any ship or other vessell rideing in this colony, except only by such persons as shall make it appeare that they are inhabitants of Lower Norfolk county, and that the tobaccoes by them brought round the capes, is of the growth of the said county, upon penalty of forfeiting all such tobaccoes soe brought into this colony contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act, the one halfe of such tobaccoes so forfeited to be to the use of the Kings majestie, and the other halfe to be equally divided between the informer and the country.