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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition of John Culpeper concerning his imprisonment
Culpeper, John
January 1680
Volume 01, Page 263

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

To the Kings most Excellent Maty & the Right honble Lords of his Matyes most honble Privie Councell

The humble petition of John Culpeper Most humbly sheweth

That yor Petr being upon his voyage to Virginia, & in the Downes was fetched thence by an Order from yor Maty & Councell at Complaint of one Mr Thomas Miller & is now in Custody of one of yor Maty's Messengers and hath soe beene upwards of twenty days & In Consideration the Complaint against him is very vexatious & malitious the Complainant knowing yor Petitr to be far from his home and without Mony or friends to help him to any

Yor Petitionr therefore most humbly Prayes

That he may be presently discharged & noe longer detained In Regard the ship yor Petitr was going In is not yet gone as he knoweth of, yor Petitionr Beinger longer kept from his home & family will be his Totall Ruin or otherwise That the said Miller may give good security for the Payment of yor Petitrs charge & Damarges if Proved to be without Any Cause & as In Duty Bound

Yor Petitionr shall Ever Pray
for yor Matyes Prosperity &c.