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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition of Thomas Miller concerning the case against John Culpeper and Zachariah Gillam
Miller, Thomas, ca. 1649-ca. 1685
Volume 01, Page 264

-------------------- page 264 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

To the Right Honoble the Comrs of his Mats Treary the Humble Petic̄on of Thomas Miller late Collector of the Customes in Carolina


That he was deputed Collector in the yeare 1676 & arrived there in July 1677 & by the powers & Instructions given him by the Honble the Comrs of his Mats Customes had reduced the matter relateing to his Mats Revenue of Customes there into a good order & method & had secured in goods & specialties to his Maties use in liew of Customes to the value of above 8000£ sterling & had taken care for a speedy freight to convey the same for England, But was hindred by a great Tumult & Rebellion that broke out in the Moneth of Decemr in the sd yeare (77) in wch John Culpeper & Zachary Gillam & others were Ringleaders, Yor Petic̄onr being put in Irons & in a cruell & barbarous manner shut up from all society & Robbed of the Bookes specialties papers & goods that Related to his Mates debts & Revenue as alsoe of all his owne Bookes & goods of a considerable value. That by the good Providence of Almighty God yor Petic̄onr in this yeare 1679 made his escape and in December last arrived in England where wth his deputy whome he brought over with him he is able to charge the said Culpeper & Gillam wth the said miscarriages who are now both in England whereby his Mates just dues may be secured & the parties punished according to Law & Justice But ye Petic̄onr by reason of his goods being taken from him as aforesaid, and his long unjust & cruell confinement wth the great charges of his Voyage, and comeing to London from the Westerne parts of England where he first landed is soe much impoverished that he hath not wherewthall to supply himselfe & his said Deputy in necessaries.

Yor Petic̄onr therefore does most humbly Implore yor Lops to take his sad condic̄on into yor compassion & to direct the Comrs of the Customes to examine the severall allegac̄ons & proofes yor Petic̄onr hath in the prmisses that his Mats duties may be secured And that Culpeper (who is now in custody by order of the King in Councill) together with the said Zachary Gillam may be examined & punished according to their deserts for the said Misdemeanors And that yor Petic̄onr may have Counsell assigned him to manage his charge agst the said persons before the Councell Board & something allowed for him and his deputies present Reliefe as yor Lops in yor Wisdome & great equity shall thinke fitt, He haveing been a sufferer for his Zeale & faithfulness in his Mats service.

And yor Petic̄onr shall pray &c