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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from Thomas Miller and Henry Hudson to the Commissioners of Customs concerning tobacco customs collected in Albemarle County from 1675 to 1677
Miller, Thomas, ca. 1649-ca. 1685; Hudson, Henry, ca. 1626-1682
January 21, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 265-267

-------------------- page 265 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

To the Honble the Commrs of his Matys Customes. Thomas Miller yor Honrs late Collectr in Albemarle County in Carolina most humbly tendreth the following acct of his Majts Concernes in yt County & of how much of them was taken out of his & his Deputies hands in the yeare 1677.

Imprimis in good bonds & other spetiallties & tobacco recd prte recovered out of ye formr Collectr Mr Birds hands & prte in some bonds & tobacco recd by myselfe and Deputy Mr Biggs in the upper partes of Albemarle viz:

In tobacco as per the said Biggs his accot will appeare amounting to
and the residue in good bonds amounting to
Sum̄: totallis
£. s. d.
2d In 2 bonds wch I had in my Custody ye one of 500£ sterling from Mr Birde the formr Collectr appointed by ye Country who had suffred many Vessells to goe away wthout paieing ye Kings duty or secureing itt to a farr greatr value then ye sum̄ of ye said bond and ye othr from Mr Jno Willoughby of 200£ sterling who was bound for one Jno Liscomb a New England Tradr who wthout paying ye Kings dues went away wth a Ketch burden 70 tuns or thereaboutes with Tobacco to New England in March 1675-76. both which bonds were forfeited mounting to
3d Sundry seizrs of European goods as illegally imported & of a vessell called ye Patience for bringing in prte of them made by me & my Deputy Mr Biggs & goods recd in lew of Tobacco for ye Kings dues in ye Uppr prts of Albemarle as by ye said Biggs his accot will further justly appeare & ye rest by myselfe ye value in the totall amounting to 242£ 8s 1d
Sum̄ totall of money Sterlg & seizrs made in the uppr prts of Albemarle is
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4th From ye lower prts of Albemarle in bonds recd by my Depty Mr Hen: Hudson from one Mr Fostr a formr depty Collectr a bond taken by himselfe the totall prducte whereof in Tobacco as by his Accot will appeare is 410 Hogds which alloweing 400 pounds per hogshead amounts to
£. s. d.
5th Seizrs made of European goods as illegally imported by my said deputy Mr Hen: Hudson in ye lowr prts as per his accot will appeare amounts to 300£ sterl:
To which add
Sum̄ totall in money Sterlg is
Now in bonds for Tobacco & Tobacco recd in ye uppr prts of Albemarle amounts to
163068 pounds wch in Hogshds at 400 lb pr hogsd is 407 HOGSds.
In bonds for Tobacco in the Lowr prts of Albemarle ut supra amounts to
164000 wch in Hogshds at 400 lb pr hogsd is 410.
Sum̄ totallis
327068 wch ut supra at 400 lb pr Hogshd amounts to 817.

All ye prmisses vizt: 327068 or 817 hogsheads of Tobacco & ye sd sum of 1242£ 8s 1d Sterling were really taken out of mine & my Deputyes hands in ye yeare 1677 as per their accots will appeare by reason of ye late insurrection or rebellion wch broke out in ye foresd County in Xber ye same yeare Contrived & carried on then & since alsoe by Richd Foster Jno. Jenkins Ja Blunt Willm Crawford Patt White Geo. Durant Jno Willowby Captn Zach. Gillam Jno Culpeper wth othrs their Confederates & New England Tradrs ye said Gillam & Culpeper being two Principall Actrs & Abettrs therein one of them viz: ye said Culpeper assuminge the title & office of his Majts Collectr by ye incouraigement of ye said Gillam & assistance of the rest tooke the same violently out of our hands & management most cruelly imprisoning us thereupon and then disposed of his Mats concernes to his and their uses: And besides this reall damages (in takeing ye prmises out of our hands) doun to his Maty in that year 1677 & for 2 years before, there is all most 3 cropps of tobacco wch yt of the foresd year 77. deducteing wt I had recd then in ye Uppr prtes & Mr Hudson was about to receive in ye lowr prtes both wch is about 140 hogsheads in ye preceedent accot wch is to be accotable for his Matys dues amounting to 5860 Hogsheads or ye valew in lew thereof in mony sterlg att one penny per pound ye price current payable for every pownd of tobacco thence exported except directly for England, Wales or Barwicke there being annually made in yt place 2000 Hogsheads of Tobacco as by a

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letter from their Assembly bearing date Novbr 1677 to ye Lords Propriators will appeare and not one yt we know of legally exported thence according to the Lettr of the Acts of Parlamt

THO: MILLER Collectr
HEN: HUDSON Deputy Collectr

Jurt Thomas Miller &
Henry Hudson that
the Contents here mentioned
are all true dated 21
January 1679