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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Land patent granted by John Jenkins to John Jenings and Thomas Relfe
Jenkins, John, d. 1681; Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
February 05, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 270-271


By instructions reced from his Excellency the palatine and the rest of the true & absolute Lords and proprietors of the province of Carolina dated at White hall the 5th day of ffebruary 1678, remaining upon record in the Secretaries office in the County of Albemarle as doth at larg apeare; I Jno Jenkins governor and Lords proprietors deptys being required to pass grants according to the form by them prescribed to all persons who shall make the same appear to us & and desire the same, that they had patents for land from Sr Willm̄ Berkeley any time before the 25th day of December 1663: with all imunities & priviledges therein granted. Bee it known unto all men yt this 5th day of ffebruary 1679 Thomas Relfe planter made apear to the governor & Lords Depties a patent of Land containing seven hundred & ffifty acres granted by Sr Willm̄ Berkley the 25th day of Septembr 1663 remaining upon record in the Secretaries office above, the pattent hereunder granted as doth in full apear upon which I John Jenkins governor & the rest of the Rt honoble Lords depties as abovesd have passed this following grant Sr George Carterett Kt and Barrot vice Chamberlaine of his Maties household, one of the Lds of his

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Maties most honble privie Councill & the rest of the true and absolute Lords & proprietors of Carolina. To all persons to whom these presents shall come Greeting in our Lord God everlasting. Know yee that wee the sd Lords and absolute proprietors according to our instructions dated att Whitehall the 5th day of ffebruary 1678 remaining upon Record in ye Countie of Albemarle in the provinc of Carolina, doe hereby grant unto Jno Jenings and Thomas Relf of the said Countie planters, A plantac̄on containeing Seven hundred and ffifty acres of land English measure lying and being in the precinct of Carterett, lying on the South West side of Craven River, begininge att a small marked Cypress att the mouth of the Swamp & runing by Thomas Keele his Land into the Woods South West & by West three hundred & twenty pole, then Nōr: West & by Nōr: three hundred and Seventy ffive pole, then Nōr: east & by East to a marked Cypress in the Codd of a bay being on of Mr fforsons marked trees and so along the bay to the point of the River and downe the sd River to the first station, the sd land being due to them the sd John Jenings & Thomas Relfe by and for the transportac̄on of ffifteen persons into this Collony; Whose Names are in the Records mentioned under this pattent. To have & to hold the said plantac̄on unto the said John Jenings & Thomas Relfe his heirs & assigns for ever, with priviledges of hawking, hunting, ffishing & ffowling, With all Woods & trees, With what else is there standing and growing & being, wth their due share of all mines & mineralls, With all profitts, Com̄odities & hereditaments whatsoever belonging to the said Land. Yielding & paying unto us therefore; and our heirs and successors yearely every 29th day of Septemr according to the English account, for every ffifty acres of land hereby granted one shilling of lawfull English money or the value thereof for every of the aforesd ffifty acres to bee holden of us in fee and com̄on soccage. provided allways that if the sd land bee not seated within one year after the date hereof that then this pattent to be void or else to stand in full force. Given att Mr George Durants house under the seale of the County of Albemarle this 5th day of ffebruary being the 16th year of our possession of our provinc of Carolina Anō Dōm̄i 1679. Witnes Jno Jenkins esqr Govr and Comandr in cheife of our sd County, and our trusty and welbeloved Councellors who have hereunto sett their hands the day & yeare abovesaid.


John Jenings & Tho: Relfe
750 acres of land.