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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Answer by Zachariah Gillam concerning charges against him
Gillam, Zachariah, ca. 1634-1682
February 19, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 294-295

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

Zachariah Gillam makes Answer to ye charge brought against him by Mr Thomas Miller, as far as he can remembr and saith

That he knew not of any disturbance in ye Country upon his arrivall thair but afterwards what happened among them he was not concerned in, nor did att that time know ye occasion.

That he knew not of Mr Millers Imprisonment untill near 2 days after it was done, being on board his owne ship all that time.

That he forboare to sell any goods, not knowing who to trust but rather than goe away with his ship Empty (wch if done would have bin great loss to his Marchants) he sold his goods for Tobacco & Skins which came for England & paid his Matie, near two thousand pound Custom, which his Matie never before Received directly or indirectly since that province was seated as hea heard of As to his going Armed; The first daye he came into ye Country, he tendered an Entry to Mr Thomas Miller who was his Maties Collector theare, he Asked him what tobaco he carried out of ye Country ye year before, he told him neare 180 hhds ye sd Miller made answer yt he must have one penny per lb. for itt, Gillam made answer yt he had paid the King his Custom in Engld & did not judge his Matie desired his Custom twice (wch payment he proffered to make apeare by ye ships Entrys & clearings in England & Sertificate of thair bonds) he ye said Miller told him he would be paid before ye shipp went out of ye Country, on which he told him yt he arrested him & told him it shold be nobly done for he would doe it himselfe & Imprisoned all his boats Crew & seased his papers & then went on board his shipp Armed with two pistolls & presented one of them to ye breast of his Mate Cockt & laden as by Evidence maye apeare. ye time near a 11 at night.

The said Gillam went ye next morning & had his papers delivered to him noe man Coming into ye house but himselfe That he supplyd ye

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Country wth Arms & Amunition for their defence Against ye Heathen wch I had done ye year before & ye year since & sold other goods to those persons I knew Responcible but would not trust others untill I saw what thair paye was.

That being at ye Court when Mr Miller was question'd thear (for treasonable words) it was his bisones to speake with ye Inhabitants they being his customers wch is usuall in those Countrys ye pepell living far distant & could thair dispatch as much bisones in one Daye as he could otherwayes in a weeke

That his given drinke to ye peopell it was as they was customers to him (noe otherwayes) & Mr Miller had his sheare of itt.

That Mr Miller charges him with his Imprisonment on board ye ship ye said Gillam was then on shoare & knew nothing of his Restraint on board but when ye said Gillam came on board being neare 12 at night & told him he was wellcome to goe or staye & gave him what Accomodation ye ship would Aford