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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Privy Council of England Committee for Trade and Foreign Plantations
England. Privy Council. Committee for Trade and Plantations
February 19, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 300-301

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Bk. No. 106. P. 127.]
1679 (-80)
Prince Rupert
Lord Privy Seale
Duke of Albemarle.
Earl of Bridgewater
Earl of Essex.
Sr Leolin Jenkins
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Capt. Gilham who is accused by Mr Miller to have had a hand in the Rebellion of Carolina is called in as alsoe the Lords Proprietors viz: the Earl of Shaftesbury and Earl of Craven and Sir Richard Temple one of the Commissioners of the Customs, Whereupon the information of Peter

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Brockell and Solomon Summers against Capt. Gilham as also Capt. Gilham's Answer are read, and Peter Brockell being sworn further says that hee can't see that Capt. Gilham did act in the Rebellion but that hee sold arms indifferently to all persons And Solomon Summers deposes that Capt. Gilham did often conferr with the Rebells and sold them arms and that hee did not obey the Proclamation for settling the Peace when it was delivered to him.

Thomas Miller being alsoe sworne says that the person that seized him had Capt. Gilham's sword and that Capt. Bird, Capt. Crawford and William Nevill who were eminent in the Rebellion had alsoe swords from Gilham And that when upon the first arrival of Gilham hee went on board his ship hee was seized there and kept prisoner above an hour and a half after Capt. Gilham was on bord, and that hee said to him, Now you are my prisoner and that hee would not let him stirr unless it were to make water and that hee saw Crawford Forster and Durant come on board in company with Gilham and that they continued firing and shooting a long while. The affidavit of John Taylor is also read.

To all which Capt. Gilham makes answer that hee had noe other conversation with any person but as they were his customers and was in noe manner concerned there but to sell his goods and that Miller had been three hours in his shipp before hee came on board which was about twelve at night and that hee came hither in an insolent Hectoring manner and had free leave to goe off when he pleased. Capt. Gilham's son alsoe says that hee proffered Miller the long Boat to goe on shore which hee would not accept of.

The Earl of Shaftesbury hereupon acquaints the Committee that further Informations concerning this Business were expected from Carolina which should be imparted to the Board. After which their Lops desire the Lords Proprietors and the Commissrs of the Customs to meet together and to agree on such rules and means as may bee necessary for the settlement of the Country and security of the King's Customs and offer them to ye Committee.

Capt. Gilham is alsoe told that he must attend again at such times as hee shall bee called but that nevertheless hee may if occasion offer goe upon any employment at sea.