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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Thomas Miller concerning rebellion in Albemarle County
Miller, Thomas, ca. 1649-ca. 1685
July 07, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 307-308

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

To the King's most Excellent Majestie. The humble Petition of Thomas Miller.


-------------------- page 308 --------------------

That whereas your Petitioner did on the 30th day of June last exhibit a Petition to your Maty in Councill, most humbly setting forth the deplorable Condition of himselfe, and diverse others yor Mats most Loyall Subjects in Albemarle in Carolina, as their Petition then alsoe exhibited to yor Maty did declare, not only by our sufferings in the late Rebellion, but also under the prsent usurped Governmt of the Rebells in Carolina still pursueing the destruction of yor Petr and all others that have opposed them therein to all weh (as yor is informed) no other answere was given then that there is a Governor goeing over thither from the Lords Proprs and thereby the matter no further debated, the wch answere (thō it implyes an owneing of the matter of fact complained of, yet it) leaves yor distressed Petr (who is alsoe Collector of yor Mats Customes there) and the rest of yor Mats greately oppressed Subjects in a manner remediless, because noe further Examination is had of this matter, nor provision made for their reliefe, nor for the Settlemt of the Country nor Collection of yor Mats Customes there, whereby it now appears that some of the Lords designe no other then the continuance of the prsent state of things there under the Rebells, who still continue prosecuteing yor Petr for his escape, and all those who have opposed them by heavy fines imprisonment Banishmt loss of Eares &c. as yor Petr by sundry letters lately received thence is ready to make good. And all this meerely to justify the said Rebellion, and discourage all persons from seekeing any redress.

Your Petr therefore most humbly implores yor Maty either to grant an heareing of the said Petitioners & other papers relateing thereto in Councell, or to referr them to ye Committee of Lords for Plantations to examine the same, & the prsent state of things there and report the same to yr Maty together with what course the Lords Proprirs & Comrs of yor Mats Customes have or intend to take pursuant to an order of the said Committee upon a former Referrence from yor Maty for the reduceing the Country, recovering the Arreares, and future setlemt of the Collection of the Customes and restauration of yor Petrs to their imploymts & Estates, & repairation of the damages done to yor Maty in yor Customes, & to yor Petrs in the late Rebellion. To the end that yor Maty may grant such order for the future settlemt of things & for the releife of yor Petrs and that before the departure of this mentioned Governor as to yor Maty in yor gratious wisdome shall seeme fitt & meet.

And yor Petr (as in Duty bound) shall ever pray &c.

Petition of Thomas Miller about Carolina.
Rd July 7-80
Read in Councill July 14th 1680.
Read Ye 20 Nov. 1680