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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Colleton to William Blathwayt
Colleton, Peter, Sir
August 09, 1680
Volume 01, Page 323

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

Tonbridge Wells the 9th of Aug. 1680.


Haveing been of late indisposed my Physician advised mee to take Tonbridge waters for the regaineing my health and I was in hopes to have compleated the time prscribed mee to take them before the 19th of August but haveing had a toutch of an Ague I was thereby constrained to leave takeing them for 8 days wch hath put mee so much back, Wherefore humbly desire the favour of you if possible to obtaine of the Lords of the Comittee of Plantations 14 dayes time more for the answearing Mr Miller's Complaints for those papers that relate to that affair and that are not in the hands of my Lord of Shaftesbury are in my possession so that the Lords Proprietors of Carolina that are in London will not bee well able to answear Mr Miller's petition without my being in towne & if I come to town the time for takeing the waters will be past wch may be very prejudiciall to my health, wherefore humbly begge your assistance in procuring the time I desire & that you will please by a line or two directed to mee to Tonbridge Wells to signifye to mee whether my request be granted or no that I may govern my selfe accordingly wch will infinitely oblidge

Yor most humble servt


From Sr P. Colleton abt ye Business of Carolina.