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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Timothy Biggs concerning rebellion in Albemarle County
Biggs, Timothy, d. ca. 1685
May 1678
Volume 01, Pages 325-326

-------------------- page 325 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

[20 Nov. 1680.]

To the Rt Honoble Tho. Earle of Danby Ld High Treasurr off England, the humble petition off Timothy Biggs Deputy Collectr off his Majties Customes in Albemarle als Roanoake in the province of Carolina authorized thereunto by Tho. Miller Esq. Comissioned chiefe Collector by yor Ldshippes order to the Comissionrs of his Majties Custome house in London.


That your petior had rec̄ed about 100 hogshds of Tobacco on his Majties accot in the sd County from the New England Men for 1d per ℔ Custome on Tobacco transported thence and should have rec̄ed some weekes after about 300 Hogshds more wch were due on Arrears of wch the sd Miller in order to his Instructions from the Comissrs made demand & had taken care for Vessells to shipp the same of: But several factious persons in the sd Countrey in A rebellious maner about or on the 3rd day off Decembr last, seized his Majties Collectr and all his officers together wth the Comandr in cheife of the sd County and all the Membrs of the Counsell & other Officers of the Governmt that would not submitt to or act wth them imprisoninge them, debaringe them of inke and paper or anie accesse off friends to them, they seized and tooke from his Majties Officers all his Majties concernes there and suffered New England vessells to depart wthout shewing or paying his Majties dews after wch yor petior made his escape from his imprisonmt and hath taken this voyage to give yor Lordshipp A true state of this matter Most humbly praying yor Lordshipp will bee pleased to consider his care trouble and great charge herein and that wth new orders obedience may be comanded off those rebells and his Majties dews received.

And yor petior shall ever pray &c.


Petn of Tim. Biggs to the E. of Danby

Read ye 20 Nov. 1680.


Papers relateing to Biggs'
transactions when he
was in England 1678

-------------------- page 326 --------------------

This Petition by direction of ye Lds Prprtrs I prsented to ye Rt. Honble ye Ld Treasurer about May 1678 In prsence of his Grace ye Duke of Albemarle who upon perusall of my petition & affidavit Or'drd mee to draw a Petition To ye Kings Majesty & Counscill & ye same wth myn Affidavit To prsent unto them, but I was afterwards ordrd by ye sd Ldds Prprtrs for Reasons best known to themselves to disist.

Given undr my hand ye 15th Augt 1679

TIMO. BIGGS Depty to ye Earle of Craven.

I the subscribed doe Averr and am ready to be Deposed that the above written attestation and avermt concerning ye Delivry of the within Petition is the hand of Mr Timothy Biggs