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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina concerning the Carolina/Virginia boundary
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
December 20, 1681
Volume 01, Pages 339-340

[B. P. R. O. America & W. Ind: No. 637.]

London Xbr 20th 1681

To the Rt honble the Lords Com̄itte for Plantations.

The Proprietors of Carolina Humbly offer

That whereas they have seene by yor Lordshipps ordr an Extract out of the ordr of the Assemblyes of Virginia of the 3d of July 1681 for ye Levying the Rents upon the Inhabitants of Blackwater & Corotuck, Which affaire is easilly decided if your Lordshipps please to take a view of their Patent which they herewith prsent unto you, And wherein yor Lordshipps will find, that the Boundaryes between Virginia & Carolina are exactly set down; (vizt) extending North and Eastward as farr as the North end of Corotuck River or Inlett, upon a streight Westerly line to Wyanoak Creeke, wch lyes within or about the degrees of thirty Six and thirty Minutes Northern Lattitude, and soe West in a direct line as farr as the South Seas. Soe that there can be noe further dispute in the affaire if your Lordshipps shall please to send yor order to the Govermt of Virginia, takeing notice that your Lordshipps have seene those Boundaryes granted to us under the Broad Seale, And requireing that they send Comissionrs upon any certaine day your Lordshipps shall appoint in July

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or August next, to meet at Currah-tuck with such Comissionrs as we shall appointe in obedience to your Lordshipps order; And that they set out and Adjust the Boundaryes betweene the two Collonyes of Virginia & Carolina as farr as Wyanoak Creeke which we humbly conceive is so faire a method that noe exceptions can be made against it by the Govermt of Virginias