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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Wilson
Wilson, Samuel
March 07, 1683
Volume 01, Pages 342-343

[B. P. R. O. Shaftesbury Papers. Bdle 48. No. 101.]

London Mrch 7. 1682-3

May it please yor Lp

Though my soe late comeing to towne does not permit me to give yor Lp such an acctt of things as I intend, yet I could not discharge myself my obligac̄]on and duty to yor Ldp without troubling                 att this tyme.

I think myself evr bound by those favrs your Ldp hath already showne me to study to serve your Inter. wch it lyes in yor Ldp power to make mee capable of and which I shall ever discharge with all fidellity imadginable

I am prepareing a copy for my Ld Ashley as likewise one of the Constitutions and Description of yr Country, wch with other papers shall trouble yor Ldp on Monday next

I beg yor Ldp to informe yor self concerning the Propprsp of Carola for that sence my comeing hither I hath mett with a Gentleman who would be glad to buy it and I can help yor Ldp to 500. more than any was ever yet sold for, if yor Ldp and Ld Ashley think of disposeing if not if yor Ldps heaps yor favrs upon me I shall be but the more capable of serving you.

Yor Ldp hath it in yor power as Guardian to (and wth my Ld Ashley's consent) make whoome you please a Landgrave and another Casique each Proprietor haveing it in his power to make two Caciques and one Landgrave Capt Wilkinson was nominated a Cacique by my Ld soe that yor Ldp may make another and a Landgrave my Ld yor Ldps father did intend to have made Mr Percivall a Landgrave (as your Ldp will perceive

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by the Copy of the Pattent                 the Originall) I shall send till he            his fraudulent and base dealings with him My Ld if your Ldp doth not nominate somebody a Landgrave presently the Propers wil soone make it their joynt request to make one whoome they shall nominate as they dayly doe to one another. Soe that hereby a person whoome yor Ldp confers it on shall think himselfe more beholding to the others for Intercession; than to yor Ldp for Donation whereas if yor Ldp thinks me a fitt subject for your favr who are goeing thither (which another viz Mr Locke and many more never wil) I may be capable of serving yor Ldps by disposing yr land viz 12000 acres to the best advantage or else send you a Map of it and take care that none other meddles with it.

I have likewise something else in my thoughts wherein I am so vaine as to think I may be servicable to yor Ldp in those parts I shall improve my experience to yor Ldps Interest and in the meane tyme reme

May It please yor Ldp
Yor Ldps most humble servant
My most humble duty
to my Ld Ashley