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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Colleton to Seth Sothell
Colleton, Peter, Sir
Volume 01, Page 345

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. Vol. 21.]

St James's 1682.


By virtue of ye place of ye Vice Palatine or Governor have a Negative upon all Voates of ye Palatines Court & by Consequence of all those of ye Grand Councill also, except in such things as are reserved by the Fundamental Constitutions to be absolute in yr yower of ye Grand Councill by wch means you have power to hinder any Imprudent Resolutions they may take, you ought to keep good order in ye Debates of ye Councill when any one speak he should do it wth his hatt off and with ye respect due to ye place who are there a Representative of the Palatine & by Consequence ye King from whence ye Palatine's power is originally derived and it was in Culpeppers Case who make disturbance in Albemarle in Carolina for which he was indicted of high treason at the Kings Bench Barr declared to be Treason for any man to take up Armes agt our Government it being Levying warr against our King.


The above being part of a Letter read in Councill this 13th August 1683 from Sr Peter Colleton to yor Governor.