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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of England concerning the Quo Warranto Proceedings against proprietary charters, including related report
England. Privy Council
April 21, 1686 - April 30, 1686
Volume 01, Pages 352-353

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. Vol. 97. p. 232.]


My Lord President is desired by the Right honble the Lords of the Comittee for Trade & Plantations to move his Maj: that the directions to Mr Attorney Generall that the prosecution of severall writts of Quo Warranto against the Propriety of the Province of Maryland and against the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island and the Proprieties of East and West New Jersey and of Delaware in America may be renewed and that the same may be prosecuted to effect.

Councill Chamber 21. Aprill, 1686.

-------------------- page 353 --------------------

At the Court at Whitehall
the 30th of Aprill 1686.

Whereas on the 10th and 17th of July last past It was ordered that Mr Attorney should proceed by Quo Warranto against the Charter Granted to the Lord Baltemore's ancestors of the Propriety of Mariland as also against the Governors & Comissas of the Colonies of Connecticut, Rhode Island & Providence Plantac̄on & likewise against the Proprs of East & West Jersey & of Delaware all in America. His Maj: in Councill this day thought fit to order, and it is hereby ordered, that Sir Robert Sawyer Knight His Majesty's Attorney Generall doe forth with put the said orders in execution by causing the Proprietors of the aforesaid Places to be prosecuted on the said Writts according to Law in order to the vacating of their severall Charters or Grants.