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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Richard Watredy concerning the land of George Catchmany and George Durant
Watredy, Richard
December 05, 1687
Volume 01, Page 355

-------------------- page 355 --------------------
[Records of Perquimans County. Book A. No. 380.]

5 Dec 1687

The Deposition of Richard Watredy Aged fifty-one years or there-abouts sworn & examined saith, He this Depot Being designed to go into ye Southard about the year 1662 to see how he might like the place At which time Mr George Catchmany desired the Depont to go to the Place where Mr George Durant then was seated & to speak to said Durant to show him this Depont the Land wch was designed by said Durant for the said Catchmany, which Accordingly I did & was shown by Mr Durant the Land Intended by him for Mr Catchmany & soon after returned to Virginia again and About a month after Mr Catchmany employed the Depont to go wth 3 hands to settle & seat the said Land & went with us himself—and coming to the House Mr Durant aforesaid he this Depont heard & see them conclude of a line which was Accordingly then run for a Dividing Line Between them, And as he very well Remember Begun at a pine standing by the water side at the sound extending extending toward the then seated Land of Callr Caltropp it being Agreed by them that George Catchmany should have the land on the eastward & George Durant on the Westward side of the said Land & this Depont further saith that he heard the said Catchmany tell Mr Durant aforesd that Sr William Berkeley was then lately arrived from England & that He resolved that Inhabitants of the South should hold no longer by Indian Titles, But that He would Grant Pattents to those who should desire them whereupon he heard said Durant tell Mr Catchmany that then he would go & see to secure his Land as aforesaid & Mr Catchmany then Replied & said he should not need to go himself But that He would have him stay there & look & see his People should not Lack Provision or other necessarys & he would do his Business and his own too.—