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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration by John Gibbs against Philip Ludwell
Gibbs, John, fl. 1682-1695
June 02, 1690
Volume 01, Pages 363-364

[B. P. R. O. America and W. Ind: No. 636.]

Albemarle— June ye 2d 1690.

Coll: John Gibbs doth Publish & declare, That Phillip Ludwel is a Rascal, imposter, & Usurpr all which shall be justified in England and if any of the boldest Heroe living in this or the next County will undertake

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to Justifie the said Ludwel's illegal Irregular proceeding, let him call upon me wth his sword, and I will single out & goe with him into any part of the King's Dominions, & there fight him in this Cause, as long as my Eyelidds shall wagg.—

These are therefore to warn, charge and command all Persons to keep the Kings peace, to consult ye ffundamentals, and to render me due obedience, & not presume to act or do by Virtue of any Com̄ission or Power whatsoever derived from ye above sd Ludwell, as they will answer it, att their utmost perill. I am willing to pass by all hitherto, if ye new Deputyes will consult with me to prevent evil consequences, I am willing to receive them or a Messengr with respect at my house at Paspotank or Corotuck, not that I carry any but defensive Armes in Vindication of my Oath & Right, wch God willing I will maintain to death.

Further I proclaime him that is a Tatler against ye truth of this matter to be a Villaine, & a Coward, that will not give me a meeting singler to dispute it with sword in hand. As God is my Judge I hate a base advantage, & never design against any mans life Cowardly: soe as I never did nor will wrong ye Lords Proprietors, or Country, they shall not me if possible.