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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Milner to Francis Nicholson and the Virginia Governor's Council
Milner, Thomas
Volume 01, Pages 385-386

-------------------- page 385 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. America & W. Ind: No. 637.]


To the Rt Honbl their Mat Leiut Govr & the Honble Councill of State.

In obedience to an ordr of the Rt Honble the Leiuts Govr & the honble Councill beareing date the 22d 8br 1691, At the mouth of Weyanock River or Creeke being a Branch of the great River of Roanoak otherwise called Chawan & Albemarl River, being alsoe the bounds of the prtended lattr Grant to the Lords Propryetrs of Carolina.

Upon the 8 & 9th day of March Anno 1691-2 together with Mr William Heslett my Assistant, & divers other persons that accompanyed mee, I made two sevll observac̄ons of the sunns altitude at Noone, & find the Latitude of the Mouth of the sd Weyonock River or Creeke to be North Lattitude 36 deg: 25 min:

I further observed that at that place the Course of the said River of Weyonock runns up Westerly tending 40 or 50 degs Northerly & the course of the Blackwatr runns up at that neare North.

I alsoe set my Instrumt due East, and was Informed by ye Indians, that it directed to the Plantation of Tho: Gough, an Inhabitant in Sumerton (a Settlemt of sevel Plantations in the County of Nanzemond) about ten miles distant.

The next day being the 10th of March proved very Rayney.

On the 11th day I went to Sumersett aforesd near to the place directed by the Indians where we made an observac̄on of the Sunns Meridian Altitude (haveing a very fair observac̄on) & find, that to be in the Latitude of 36 deg: 27 Min: North. Soe that if these observac̄ons be true and exact; An East line (being the Reverse of their Grant) from Weyonock will include the Plantations of Sum̄erton, and all North of that line into this Govermt But leaves Bennetts Creeke, Buckland, Sarum &c. out.

The 16th of March I set out for Corotuck Inlett to which place I came the 19th of the same & upon a place called Cowpenpoint on the North side of Corotuck River, or Inlett, Wee observed ye Suns Meridian Altitude to be 57: degs 20 mints by wch the latitude of that place is North 36 degs 28 mints.

I alsoe observed by my Instrumt that a West line from thence went over Knots Island; leaveing the greatest part of that Island on the South

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side the West line, but could from thence make no further observac̄ons of the beareing of any remarkable Settlemts Contiguous to the place.

But I sent the said Mr Harslett round the Sound & sand banks to a place called Chases point, (being near 70 Miles about) to make observac̄ons of the Mouth of North River & No: West River, wch are in ye Countyes of Princess Ann & pt in Lower Norfolk, who hath to me reported that a West line from Corotuck aforesaid runns over pt of Chases point, & excludes Capt Gibbs plantation, being on the point of the Neck, betweene North & North west river aforesd, & Crosses North West River about three Miles from the mouth thereof, according to a Scheeme or Platt, thereof ready to be delivered to yor Honor

I returned home the 22nd March.

Yor Honrs most humble & obedient Servant