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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Perquimans Precinct Court
North Carolina. Precinct Court (Perquimans Precinct)
February 05, 1694
Volume 01, Pages 392-396

[Records of Perquimans Precinct Court.]
Alexandr Lillington Esqr
Caleb Calloway Esqr
John Barrow Esqr
Thomas Lepper Esqr

Wilkesons Vers Lillington & Hartley

A Judgmto Confest by Major Lillington & Mrs Susanna Hartly as Attorneys to Capt George Clarke for £35: s19: wth Cost alias Execution: Ordered that Major Alexander Lillington & Mrs Susanna Hartly in their Capacityes aforesaid doe pay unto Colloll Wm Wilkeson ye Sume of £35: 19 Cost as aforesaid

Wilkeson Exer to Jno Davis Vers Lillington Att to Holland

A Judgmte confest by Major Lillington as Attorney to John Holland of Virginia for ye Sume of £4: s2: d6. due to ye sd Wilkeson Executor to Mr John Davis disceas: Ordered yt Major Lillington in his capacity aforesaid pay unto Collll Wilkeson ye Sume of £4: s2: d6. wth Cost Alias Execution.

Mason vers White

In an action of ye Cace referred to ye Jury ffollowing Mr John Philpott Mr Patrick Henly Mr Richard Smith Mr John ffendall Mr John Tweegar Mr Timo Clare Mr Wm Butler Mr Richard Chested Mr Thomas Horton Mr Roger Snell Mr Robert Beasley Mr Cornelious Lerry: Ordered

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that the defendt pay unto the plantt: s17: d6: wth Cost alias Execution

Philpott vers Nowell

Mr John Philpott wthdrawes the action agt Rich Nowell.

Mr Tho Lepper has proved Ten rights whose names are as followeth Tho. Kent Ann Kent Sarah Kent Rebecca Kent Ann Kent John Thomas Wm Brown Wm Brickstone Tho Lepper Nicholas Robeson

Caleb Calloway enters ffoure Rights: Danll Pembrooke Tho Merrett an Indian Boy in all ffoure. Arthur Long

Harlow vers Hopkins

In an action of the Cace referred to ye Jury ffoll the Jury finds for ye Plantf £4: 00: d4 wth Cost alias Execution.

A deed of Gift acknowledged in Court by Roger Snell to Jonathan Taylor

Hopkins vers Harlow

In an action of the cace nothing appearing Ordered a Nonsuite wth costs alias Execution

A Will of Mr George Durants proved in Court by the oath of Mr John Philpott & Mr ffrancis ffoster and that Mr George Muschamp Mr Charles Jones and Mr John West be appraisers of the said estate

A Will of Mr Seth Sothells Proved in Court by the oaths of Colloll Wilkeson Capt Henderson Walker and Sarah Wollard

Young vers Hartly Executrix to Tho. Slaughter

In an action of the cace referred to ye next Court

An assignmt acknowledged from Capt Henderson Walker as Attorney to Mrs Alice Wade to Mr Patrick Baly.

A petition exhibited by Elizabeth Arnord praying an apprasemte. Ordered that William John Godfrey be appraisors of ye estate of Laurence Arnold disceased & that a true inventory be given unto the next Court upon oath

Burnsby vers Devillard

In an action of deteynue referred to ye Jury ffoll the Jury finds no cause of action.

Ordered that Wm Burnsby pay all Cost alias Execution

Evins vers Devillard

In an action of Debt by bill a judgmte confest by the Defendt for 240℔ of Porke

Ordered that satisfaction me made accordingly wth Cost alias Execution

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Plater vers Toms

The Defendt not appearing a nonsuite is granted with Cost alias Execution

Plater vers Manwering

A nonsuite is craved and granted with Costs alias Execution

Dawson vers Lerry

The plantf & defendt being called the plantf not appearing

Ordered a nonsuite with Cost alias Execution

Butler vers Mackdannel

In an action of debt referred to ye Jury ffoll. The Jury find no cause of Action Ordered that the plantf pay cost alias Execution

Mrs Durant enters for her two Grand Children a young sorrell mare with a star in her forhead Called Bonne the same mare & her increase & increases to to Ann and Elizabeth Waller to them and their heires for ever.

Thomas Lepper has proved ten Rights in ye County Court Tho Kent Ann his wife Sarah Kent Rebeccah Kent Ann Kent Junr John Thomas Wm Brown Wm Brickstone Tho Lepper Nicholas Robeson

John Barrow proves three rights by importation Robert Tester Simon Smith and a negroe Jean

Thomas Pierce has proved his rights being Thomas Pierce John Pierce Susanna Ruth Pierce Dorothy Pierce Mary Pierce Mary Bridges John Wilkeson and John Pierce in all nine Rights

Hannah Gosby has entered nine Rights Jno. Gosby Jno Anderson John Kinsey Richard Waterlow Kathrine Kinsey Jean Anderson & 3 hands from Jno Northcoate Joseph Hepworth Jeremiah White & Henry Clay senr in all nine Rights

Peter Gray Proves two Rights for himselfe transporting twice into the Governmte and one given him by John Twegar

John Bently enter for importation Richard Bently Jean Bently Mary Bently Sarah Bently a negroe Boy a Negroe Woman an Indian Boy in all Seven Rights

Roger Snell enters for importation Roger Snell Rebecca Snell John Snell Mary Snell Walter Castle in all five

Jenken Williams enter one right for himselfe

Timo Clare has proved foure Rights Timo Clare ffrancis Belchamp Edmond Rodman Richd ffox Junr in all foure.

Samll Niccols has proved his rights being Chrissor Niccolson Hannah his wife Deliverance Sutton Samll Niccolson ffrances Simons Hannah Niccolson in all Six Rights.

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Thomas Harloe has proved his Rights Thomas Harloe Mary Harloe Mary Harloe Jno Harloe in all ffoure.

Christor Butler has proved his Rights Christor Butler his wife & two children and a negroe girl in all five.

John Durant has proved his rights. John Durant Sarah Durant one Sertt named Judith in all three

William Godfrey has proved his rights being Prudem Hallum John Hallum Elizabeth Hallum Wm Godfrey Sarah Godfrey in all five rights

A Petition of Cornelius Lerry exhibited to the Court praying a qui: est.

James ffewox has proved James ffewox Ann ffewox Robert ffewox Edith Batchelor James Wilson Ann Wilson Alice Wilson John Wilson in all eight Rights.

Edward Mayo has proved his rights being Edward Mayo Senr Edward Mayo Junr Sarah Mayo Ann Mayo Elizabeth Mayo three negroes John Nixon Em Nixon Ann Nixon Affrica Pike Samuel Pike in all thirteene

Turloe ffee has proved his rights namely Turlo ffee Daniel ffee being two

John Mason has proved his rights being Morgan Thomas and his wife and two children and a highred man named John Haws: in all five Rights.

William Butler proves his rights being William Butler Diana Butler in Number two.

Richard Nowell has proved his rights being Richard Nowell Joan Nowell John Smith Ellinor Nowell Charles Taylor George Taylor Mary Taylor Olliver Nowell Alice Nowell in all nine

George Deere has proved his rights being Jeane Critchell and John Dear and by Hannah Harrison Edward Harrison Hannah Harrison Joseph Williams Wm ffyan Hannah ffyan Mercy ffyan Elizabeth ffyan Lydia Harrison in all tenn persons

George Young has proved his rights namely Edward ffoster Perthesia ffoster and George Young in all three

Tabitha Haskett has proved her rights being John Gray and Tabitha his wife John Gray Thomas Gray John Gray in all five Rights

Charles Mackdaniel has proved his Rights being Charles Mackdaniel Elizabeth Mackdaniel Thomas Wallingforde Samuel Powel in all ffoure.

William Lacy has Proved his Rights being Martha Rouse John Rouse Mary Rouse Martha Rouse Wm Lacey Senr Grace Lacey John Davis Jean Davis Wm Lacey Junr in all nine Rights

James Loadman has proved his Rights being Hubbart Lambert Jeane Buyard his Mother & James Loadman in all three Rights

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Stephen Manwering has proved his rights being Edward Berry Andrew Kinsley John Deadman Robert Brightwell Senr Alice Brightwell Robert Brightwell Junr Richard Parker John Caselton Stephen Manwering being in all nine Rights

Thomas Hossold has proved his Rights being himself twice transported Mary Hossold Thomas Hossold Junr Thomas Snowden in all five Rights

John Northcoate has proved his Rights being Henry Clay Senr Mary Clay Henry Clay Junr Precilla Clay two Servants Joshua Hepworth Jeremiah White John Northcoate. Three of these rights are sold to Hannah Gosby being in the whole Seven Rights

Anthony Dawson has proved his Rights being himselfe and John Chapman in all two Rights

Mr Patrick Baly has proved his Rights being himself Lucy Harvy a Negroe Woman Margrett Hamelton two Rights John Hudson Simon Daxter in all Seven Rights

Richard ffox has proved his Rights being Richard ffox George ffox William ffox Mary ffox in all ffoure Rights

William Bartlett has proved his rights being Wm Bartlett Senr Elizabeth Batlett William Bartlett Junr Thomas Bartlett Michael Bartlett in all five Rights

Robert Beasley has proved his rights being himselfe Sarah Beasley his wife James Beasley Johanna Beasley Richard Chestone Sarah Chestone in all Six Rights