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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by Edward Randolph concerning public officials in the colonies [Extract]
Randolph, Edward, ca. 1632-1703
August 25, 1696
Volume 01, Pages 462-463

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Plantations General. Vol: 4. P. 113.]

August 25th 1696

May it please your Lordships

Having in my paper of proposalls to the Commrs of his Majties Customs, for the better putting in Execution the Act for preventing frauds &c: (a copy whereof I presented to your Lordships) offered (that there

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be a Judge a Register a Marshall and an Attorney Generall apointed in all the Colonies & Provinces upon the Continent of America) I was directed by their Honrs to nominate persons fitt for those Employments. And accordingly I did in another paper (now before yr Lordshipps give in the names of several such persons. Not but that there were Attorney Generalls in divers of those places, (but in regard (as I informed the Commissioners) some of them are wholly ignorant of the Laws & practice in the Courts in England & others countenanced the illegal Trade, so that until they were removed & persons understanding & well experienced in the proceedings at Law, be recomended to such places it could not be expected that the Acts for securing the Plantac̄on Trade should be executed & observed I do humbly therefore lay before yor Lordships an account of the present Attorney Genlls in those Colonies & Provinces & my Reasons, why some of them should be removed, & others to be apointed in their Roomes.

* * * * * *

North Carolina has no Attorney Generall.